summer dressing for girls who don’t like their legs

I love the warm weather. I think the majority of us do. That feeling of being able to make plans that involve being outdoors, of enjoying typical summertime activities without…

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why you need to add mont blanc to your bucket list

This post is slightly off piste for me (pardon the pun). It’s less of a thoughtfully put together blog post (with whimsical photos to boot) and more of we-did-this-awesome-thing-and-these-are-my-cheesy-snaps-to-prove-it, kind…

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a twist on the white sundress

Last summer, I posted about the white summer dress. You can find that post here – it’s still my favourite set of photos on my blog, shot by my friend…

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why you should scrap the beach this summer

Visiting the french lake district 15 years ago, I was 14 years old. Our family summer holidays consisted of camping, caravaning and trailer-tenting. You’d usually find us in Cornwall or…

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how to wear all black in summer

Head to toe black is one of my favourite outfits. It’s just easy. And it’s chic and it’s slimming (they say). Black jeans, boots and sweater in winter is simple…

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how to ask for a pay rise

In a bid to add a little more real life into my corner of the internet, today I wanted to talk about a subject I’ve not discussed before. I haven’t…

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Tell me more about Katherine-Louise

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably looking to find out more about Katherine-Louise. Run by me, Kat - put simply I'm a 30 year old who is decidedly normal. My blog is a destination for women just like me - the same interests and aspirations, working our way through the same twists and turns of life. Katherine-Louise is designed to inspire and inform; to give you a break from the norm as well identify with the beauty of routine. A fifteen minute recoup, or an hours vacation, it’s the go-to for Everyday-Joe’s, just like me, who want a few minutes off the radar.