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Welcome to Katherine-Louise!

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably looking to find out more about Katherine-Louise. Run by me, Kat, it’s a destination for the finer things in life – and that doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Taking life via the scenic route, Katherine-Louise is designed to inspire and inform; to give you a break from the norm. A fifteen minute recoup, or an hours vacation, it’s the go-to for Everyday-Joe’s, just like me, who want a few minutes off the radar. If you’re looking for tidbits of life, from personal style musings, to following my journeys around the globe, Katherine-Louise is for you.

Most recently, a shoppable function has been added to Katherine-Louise – where you can shop my Instagram looks or sale bargains easily.

Just click here to see how it works!

Katherine-Louise is the older sister of my previous blog. Born in 2013 after three years prior beauty blogging, Katherine-Louise has allowed me to grow. With it came a new direction and now I can safely call myself a lifestyle blogger. As a professional make up artist, I’ll always have a love for beauty but with life’s twists come creative turns.

Come and say hello on Twitter, let me know you’re following on Instagram or simply drop me an email if you want to touch base. I’d love to hear from you!