summer ’19 on film

2020 is upon us, but where do you start with 2019? I wrote the grand total of three blog posts, but a whole world of stuff happened in our universe. We got married, I changed jobs, we travelled. I think it’s safe to say my blog will now only be a sporadic thing, when the fancy takes me (…or when Sam is jet washing the patio in order to sell the house and I’ve done all the ‘cleaning’ I can). I recently got a film developed which had a load of photos from our summer on it, and after asking on Instagram is you’d be interested in seeing it, I’m here at 2pm on a Sunday knocking up a blog post. I’ll admit, it feels relatively alien – I could hardly remember how to log into WordPress. I’ll keep it short, mostly because Aldi shuts in two hours and I need to get there and walk Peggy before we lose the light.

Oddly, it looks like I spent a lot of my summer in Dorset. Whereas it was actually only three days. It’s the neighbouring county to us – so we spent a birthday weekend there for Sam’s mum, and a day out with friends, taking them to the much-Instagrammed Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. It’s a beautiful place, and has a hint of Cornwall to it, without the long drive. I’m always fond of Dorset, but don’t know it too well. Just be warned, if you’re going to walk from Lulworth to DD, prepare yourself for a slog.


We booked an Air BnB for Sam’s mum’s 50th, and the four of us took the two dogs for two days R&R. You know the drill; cream teas, dog walks, pub dinners. The weather was typically British for most of it and I managed to get some reading done. I’d been ill that week with a stomach bug, so the quiet did me good.


I took more photos this weekend than I realised, which is nice. There’s something up with my camera, whereby if I hold it one way up, the film doesn’t get exposed properly so I get a black edge. Which actually, I don’t mind. It’s all part of the beauty of film!



And lastly some snaps I took on the August bank holiday, where we used our new National Trust membership for the first time (gifted by Lizzie and her chap for our wedding – great present). We got there early for morning coffee and a dog walk – my ideal day off!



A whistle stop tour, but I think that’s how it’s going to be round these parts these days. Check back soon for my Norway snaps. Summer ’19 was a good one, roll on summer 2020!

(All pics shot on a Canon FTB with a 1.8mm lens and Kodak ColorPlus 200 film)

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