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Our bed buying journey & what we learnt

(This post is sponsored by Leesa)



You might remember me talking about our living room makeover last year. March 26th 2018 marked three years in our house, and we decided it was time we tackled our bedroom as well. I’d been wanting a new headboard since we moved in – we had Sam’s old divan bed, which bizarrely had no storage and an awful chocolate brown, faux suede headboard. It had been on my hitlist but we’d just never got round to it. Fast forward a few months and we were both complaining of broken sleep. And then we realised, not only was our mattress an 8 year+ hand-me-down, our pillows were cheap and nasty from when we first moved in. It was time for an overhaul!


Firstly, let’s talk mattresses. I’d heard about so many of these new memory foam ones on the market – you know the ones that arrive in a box. Hipsters R Us. I’d just started browsing when Leesa got in touch – one of the handful I’d been looking at. With the intention of updating our bed and making it the ultimate place of calm anyway, I agreed to review a Leesa mattress for my blog as part of this post. I ordered our mattress with absolute ease on the website – it’s super simple to use and pick what you want. All their mattresses are the same so it’s simply the size you want and any accessories, like the sheet and duvet set. The mattress arrived swiftly, and Sam took delivery of it on a week day. I’ll admit, it lived in our hallway for at least a week because, as I never stop saying – life is busy and we didn’t have time to wrestle it upstairs. Heavy it is, but much easy to maneuver in a box!

The Leesa mattress has three foams – I’d heard a lot about memory foam mattresses being a bit warm, so was happy to see these foams are cooling, body contouring and have pressure-relieving core support. The 100 night trial is also a massive draw, as we knew if it really wasn’t for us, we could send it back. The Leesa idea is simply simplicity. And getting to try your mattress out at home, properly, without feeling like a plank in a showroom. I was fairly sold on the offering, and then I heard that not only do they donate 1 mattress for every 10 sold, but they also plant a tree for every single mattress they sell. The millennial in me was cheering!

Once up, rested and stretched out to it’s full capacity (I’ll admit, I let Sam do that part whilst I was at work, but I think you have to leave the mattress opened up on the bed with no sheets to expand for a certain amount of time), we had our first nights sleep on our new beauty.  I was instantly sold – it was firm, which was one of my worries. I like firm pillows and mattresses, and although I slowly sunk into it during the night, it felt strong and solid. There isn’t much more to tell after that – we just really got on with it. Coupled with new pillows (we both replaced our saggy ones with memory foam from ones from Dunelm), we were sleeping so much better and haven’t looked back! 100 awesome points to Leesa.



In the mattress/pillow buying mayhem, I also coerced Sam into a new bed. As I said, the one we had was incredibly ugly and I’d been dying for a refresh. I knew the kind of thing I wanted – I’m quite heavily influenced by US interior style, so I wanted a bold headboard and also a bed that had storage. Our house isn’t very big and having a divan that took up a world of space, but held nothing, was a total pain. I wanted an ottoman style bed – something that we could lift up with ease and use for storage. A few Googles later, I came across Button & Sprung. They manufacture handmade beds (and mattresses, but we already had ours by this point) with a showroom in London. They had a really cool range of styles and amazing reviews, so we headed up to Fulham to visit the show room. After hearing from the owner that he has a 90% conversion rate of those who enter the showroom – I could see why. It was relaxed, friendly and of course, had a beautiful selection of beds to browse. Not too many mind, just enough to try with the range of different color fabrics, some with legs, some with storage, king size, double – you know the drill. They’re well made and we felt confident this was the right company for us – and low and behold, I even convinced Sam on the deep navy blue! We agreed on the Foxtail King Size Ottoman in Midnight and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The bed took around two months to come and of course, when it did, it was an absolute beaut. We found seeing the bed in the showroom really helpful, and there were no surprises on it’s arrival – just a smooth and friendly delivery process and a beautiful bed at the end!



So now our bedroom set up is complete. If you ignore the bedside tables (we only have one that looks like the photos…). But our bed is a dreamy place to be and I’m super happy with our decisions, on both bed and mattress. If you’re looking to upgrade your bed or mattress, I’d recommend:



Bed – Foxtail Ottoman from Button & Sprung | Mattress – Leesa* | Linen – Laura Ashley
Pillow – Sainsburys Home | Lamp – Homesense

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