out with the old – so long 2017

With just 60 minutes left of the year, our night in (the first ever, on a New Years Eve) got the better of me – and finally, after weeks, I’ve picked my laptop up to pen a post.

We’ve always discussed staying in on NYE,  and at last we did it. I napped, baked shortbread, ordered the online food shop and am now enjoying Blackadder Goes Forth – I doubt we’ll even see midnight, and I’m pretty sure we’re both okay with that! 2017 has been beyond busy, particularly the latter end and getting ourselves ready for the treadmill of work to begin again on Tuesday is much more fruitful than inducing tomorrow’s hangover.


I posted my yearly round up on Instagram earlier in the week, and of course, it became apparent what a good year I’ve had. Seeing it in in Laguna Beach, CA, with plentiful trips abroad to follow (the French Alps, Copenhagen, Lisbon), as well as a handful of nuptials, weekends away and a two new jobs in our household, 2017 has done us both well. We’ve been incredibly busy, not only socially but adjusting to new routines and ways of living. I’m lusting after spring already, to regain some daylight hours to myself – leaving home and returning from work in the dark does little for motivation and the want to do anything aside from sit on the sofa and eat carbs. I do hope 2018 will remain just as busy – but perhaps a few more hours to ourselves wouldn’t go amiss, and I’ll get myself back to the gym after an 8 week hiatus towards the end of this year.




My blogging has been sporadic – at times I’ve kept on top and at others, I’ve let life takeover, because sometimes it just has to. Today’s round up is just a snippet of our festive week away – I spent Christmas at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm, up near the Welsh border – I can’t tell you how happy I was when it snowed unexpectedly! The closest I’ve ever come to a white Christmas – just two days late. It was good to get away but it was also great to get home – these last two days of R&R at home (and a whole bunch of errands) has been dreamy, and tomorrow’s lack of hangover means we’ve scheduled in a 10am dog walk at the beach that I’m more than looking forward to.

For 2018, I don’t have any resolutions as such – just more of the same. More travel, fun, investing in the right people. I’ve one little ambition up my sleeve that I won’t divulge, but maybe this time in 2018 I’ll be able to share it. And of course, a quick thank you for reading in 2017 and for all the likes and comments on my social channels. Despite my sporadic posting, I appreciate all your support and hope, as ever, that 2018 will be more a consistent year. Happy New Year!

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