3 hangover skincare essentials

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had one too many martinis and have some place to be, my face shows it.


I’m one of the unlucky ones who just shows my hangover – in my eyes and my skin. A hangover is essentially dehydration – the ethanol in booze causes us to go to the toilet more, which in turn creates all sorts of other things like thirst, a dry mouth and of course, dull, dehydrated looking skin. We all know that to feel better on a hangover, we need to rehydrate (pass me the Dioralyte), and whilst a bucket load of water will certainly start to improve things, your skin will most likely need a little something extra. If I’ve got somewhere to be the day after I’ve had a drink, the chances are, my make up won’t look its best. It won’t sit right, and as the day goes on, my foundation and concealer will start to sink into the pores on my cheeks – quite literally drinking whatever it can find. And so over the years, I’ve found a few products that I’ve found to be absolute saviours for hungover skin – whether you use them when you get home or the morning after, the one thing that links them all together is their ability to help rehydrate. They’re also, conveniently, spread across the price spectrum – one is just £1.99!

So, what are they?
Lidl Cien Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream – £1.99

Let’s start with the least expensive, and one I’m sure gets overlooked daily. You might’ve heard a handful of people rave about Lidl and Aldi’s budget skincare. I’ve tried a few items and the majority of them, I’ve been pretty impressed with. Their Cien Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream however, tops it for me, because it has one special ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid. For those of you that aren’t skincare buffs, hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that helps plump and hydrate skin. It has a really high capacity to hold water, so it’s the perfect ingredient for dehydrated skin. For that reason, it tends to be found in premium skincare – until now. I remember reading the ingredients list and being so excited that I might just have found something for £1.99 that would do a good job. And I’m on my third tub, so I can tell you it does. In terms of the instant feeling, it is just a moisturiser – but it really does work as my skin is rarely patchy or shows signs of dehydration since using it. It’s also not oily or greasy at all, which is commonly associated with rich moisturisers. It has loads of other good stuff in it too, like Vitamin E which is good for wrinkles and scarring, and UV protection, so all in all, it’s a total steal. As a basic moisturiser, for when you get home or the next morning, this is a great addition to your skincare when you need a boost after drinking – highly recommended!

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque – £16

I’ve written about this product before here, and 6 months on it’s still a total saviour in my skincare collection. I don’t use it totally as you’re meant to – which is, as the name would suggest, a mask. I just throw it on and let it sink it. It’s a gel-like formula and it’s perfect for nourishing your skin when you have a bit of time on your hands. On a hangover, that’s either before you go to bed (if you’re in any state to remember), or when you first get up, about an hour before you put your make up on. For me it’s just a really intense moisturiser, without the oiliness associated – it takes little while to fully sink in so I’d say to use it with ample time ahead of make up application. I’d highly recommend this product for any skin type as a real moisture injection once or twice a week, and certainly the morning after the night before. A must!

REN Perfect Canvas – £50*

The latest addition to my skincare collection and a product that, although a little heart stopping at first (£50!) – if any product is worth it, it’s this. Marketed as a ‘skin enhancing super serum’, Perfect Canvas is a primer of sorts. It’s a hydrating liquid that I love to use under make up to prepare dehydrated and sallow looking skin for foundation. It’s silicone free, and mattifies the skin – which, I don’t know about you, is perfect for my complex, hungover needs. I’ll go from dry and unhappy to oily and sweating out last night’s booze, in under ten minutes. The REN website states – ‘Moisture balance is restored. The skin is smoothed, plumped, filled and primed ready for make-up or not.’, and it’s all true (and exactly what you need after a night of booze). It also boosts the skin’s immune system, meaning less breakouts, one of the worst side effects of drinking – who doesn’t want that? This is a beautiful product, for hangovers or not – and if you can afford something so special to add to your skincare, I’d highly recommend it.



These three products are my total hangover skincare saviours – I’d be lost without them! Even if you can only afford one, the difference they make individually to my skin is really noticeable and I’d suggest anyone try at least one of them! We could all do with a little help on a hangover, and these three are my top choices. I hope they help!

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