3 apps to plan your most instagrammable trip yet

Hello everyone! Remember me?


October has been a crazy month


Not only did I bag myself a new job (I’m moving into the world of digital PR and outreach, as well as back to my creative agency roots – hurrah), we bit off more social activities than we could chew. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great (London, Ascot, Oxford, Lisbon to name just slice of what we got up to), but it’s taken its toll on both of us. We’ve neglected our bodies (I’m not sure I even remember how to get to the gym), we’ve eaten more takeaways than we care to admit and of course, this here corner of the internet has been well and truly forgotten about.


But in the interest of getting firmly back in the saddle, I’m kickstarting November with a new mindset. I start my new job on Monday, and with my fresh determination to get back to my former healthy self, I also fully intend to throw some new content your way. If you still follow me on any of my social channels (Insta and Twitter are my number ones) after my hiatus, you’ll know I’ve been in Lisbon for 3 days.


We visited the Portuguese capital as a foursome – the same four who headed to Rome back in 2014, and boy did we love it. I’m going to share some more posts on it soon, but to kickstart things I wanted to share three apps that helped us plan a pretty great trip. Lizzie and I both write blogs, and so travelling means we want to hit all the photo taking spots. And I mean, all of them. Lisbon is a beaut of a city, with more than a few things to capture on camera – and the blogger anxiety of missing something certainly kicked in (I know, our poor boyfriends).

Ahead of our trip, we both did some serious research (and I quote, “Are you guys for real?”) and between us came up with an extensive list of all the places we wanted to hit. Sights to see, coffee to Instagram, food to pap. It was all there – but how did we make sure nothing got missed? There are three apps we both swear by to help us compile our must-sees, and scout out new places to visit that have that all important Insta-worthiness. Let’s take a look!


Google Maps

Okay, stick with me. We all know the importance of Google Maps when you’re in an unknown place but there’s a little-known function on it that I find beyond useful when saving recommendations. If you search for your spot, open up the white panel that appears at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a flag with ‘Save’ written next to it, and this allows you to save that spot to a list. For this particular trip, I’ve had 5 lists – Lisbon Visits, Eats, Drinks, Coffee and Shops. When you zoom out of your map, you can see all your saved places, all over the city. Having them plotted our geographically means not only you won’t forget any, but you can look them up when you’re away and see where’s good nearby for lunch. You can also view your individual lists. A total lifesaver for keeping all your must-dos in one place!



Instagram is probably one of the influential apps when it comes to travel – seeing (daily) so many amazing destinations definitely inspires me to book those flights, but there are two ways I also use the app to make sure I’m not missing any perfect shots for the ‘gram. First up, which is fairly obvious I’m sure, I like to use my ‘Collections’ to save previous snaps I’ve seen. If someone is visiting a beautiful looking restaurant, I’ll save it to my Collection for that city, meaning I can come back to it and search the location easily. I also like to use the search function to look at the location tags – which I think alot of people do, and is a key reason why sometimes using a more generic geo-tag is better than individual locations (I.e. Lisbon versus Fabrica Coffee Roasters) – it helps you get spotted (just make sure you tell people where you are in your caption!). I’ll often search the city tag and click on any photos that catch my eye – which means I get to see stuff from accounts I don’t even follow. Instagram is getting better at amalgamating geo-tags too, so it knows to include smaller locations under a bigger umbrella. Mix it up and play around with your tags, and remember to also use Insta as a super helpful travel tool, too!

Trip Advisor

This is Lizzie’s favourite, and works in a similar way to the above. You save all the spots you’re interested in, and they’re neatly saved in one place for you. Of course the added bonus with Trip Advisor is that you can see what’s highly recommended, and what isn’t, as well as inviting other people to view your itinerary. Lizzie added me to her ‘trip’ meaning I could check out all the same places she’d saved, as well as allocating certain things to certain days creating a proper itinerary as well as a list of trusted reviews. Genius!


Of course, this post is written with a pinch of salt – I love to travel, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy good times. It certainly isn’t all about getting that Insta-shot. But sourcing beautiful locations is also part of travel, and I’d much rather enjoy my Aperol Spritz overlooking the rooftops of Lisbon than in a tourist trap on the main shopping street. Do you have any other tips for getting to see the best locations when travelling?


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