style: 3 tips for starting a capsule wardrobe

Around three weeks ago, I made a very prompt decision.

needed a capsule wardrobe. My clothing situation was completely unruly and it was getting me down. I couldn’t spot my favourites from my bursting wardrobe, and I was feeling guilty for not wearing 80% of the items I owned. I’m a huge fan of Anna from The Anna Edit and have had admired her paired back style for years. A while ago, she opted for a capsule wardobe and has shared her journey on her channels – and I have to say, I’ve been pretty hooked from the start. I’ve loved seeing Anna’s style evolve and grow into something so polished, and so on one quiet Saturday in early August, I took the plunge.

I had been reading Un-Fancy, a blog that Anna signposted me to, that focuses on a capsule wardrobe and how to get yourself started. I devoured the site, and read all about the 10×10 project (10 items of clothing for 10 days), the 37 item rule and the checklist for getting yourself going. I was pretty hooked and couldn’t wait to get myself started. Something that really resonated with me was a particular tip from Un-Fancy author Caroline and from there, I was sucked in. So how did I go about getting started? Here are my three tips for beginners capsule success!







I’ve been telling anyone who will listen over the past few weeks just how liberating a capsule wardrobe is – those intentional purchases actually make me feel more invested in fashion, which was my initial worry. I was concerned I’d lose any semblance of interest in trends and become stagnant, but really qualifying and thinking through my purchases, to stand the test of time, is making me so much more aware – of myself, my style and my buys. I’m so looking forward to entering into a new autumn and building on my foundations – believe me, getting dressed in the morning is a dream!



Shop some of my new wardrobe staples below!