the first additions to my capsule wardrobe

Last week, I wrote about how I was introducing a capsule wardrobe system into my life.


You can read more about that here, where I explain how (and why!) I got started with it – it can be a daunting thought, but let me take this opportunity to say, it’s been great! Getting dressed, for any occasion – work, weekends and nights out, has been a dream. The main thing is – I love everything I own. There’s nothing in my wardrobe I wouldn’t want to wear right this second, and it makes life so much simpler. I talked in my latest post about the need to keep check of what items are lacking, however – items I haven’t found yet and often wished I had. I keep mine on the notes in the phone, and it makes shopping a dream, whether online or not. Having the list keeps me focussed and I get a much greater sense of satisfaction than I do when I aimlessly shop, without a particular item in mind. Today’s post is sharing the first two purchases I’ve made from my list – two things I’ve been hankering for, well, years and just never got round to buying. Both items are real staples, and timeless too. They can both be worn on any occasion – as I said earlier, to work, at the weekend and even one on a special occasion. I’ve had them all of about 7 days, and I’ve worn them both to death. So, what are they?


Blazer (not online) & Jumper – H&M
Jeans – ASOS
Bag – Kate Spade
Boots – M&S (old)


The Grey Jumper

This one is, again, inspired by my ultimate style crush – Anna, from The Anna Edit, who rocks a round neck jumper like nobody else. It’s so simple, but so damn put together, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve got a black one just like this, that I originally purchased as workwear, and ever since has slipped into my more mainstream wardrobe. My criteria for The Grey Jumper was a strict one – it wasn’t about the slouchy knit. This needed to be a simple, neat, lightweight piece. I wanted a round neck, a top-of-the-jeans length and a thin knit. I knew exactly the item I wanted and on a recent shopping trip, I scoured high and low for something to fit my criteria. H&M came up trumps, which I was surprised about – it can be such a hit or miss store, but I’ve learnt over the years that how you take care of the items bought from there is the key to them lasting. At just £18, this jumper was a steal and although I’m very much channelling quality over quantity these days, it fit the bill so perfectly, I was sold in an instant.

The Longline Blazer

Oh, the blazer. Let’s rewind to circa 2004 when I was just leaving school and the blazer was all the rage. Party? Blazer. Part job interview? Blazer. Dinner with friends at Pizza Express? Blazer. I owned many, and over the years since 2004, have dabbled back and forth. They’ve never really gone out of style, and although they’ve evolved, I’ve always had a penchant for the simple style. Styled right, it can be super chic and after watching them wing their way back into fashion over the past year (some serious blazer envy via Emma and Alex), I decided it was time. There were so many outfits that I’d think “A blazer would look great with this” – and I’d always end up opting for my leather or suede cropped jackets, so when I started my capsule wardrobe project I decided it was going to be one of my first purchases. I’ve opted for a longline style, as a) I’m very tall and b) that’s the style (I think) is most in fashion right now. Teamed with high waisted jeans and a loose cami for dinner and drinks, or thrown on over a jumper like I have here for an everyday look, it’s super versatile. I actually picked this one up from H&M too, for £40, and I sized up, cos: H&M. The fit is just right and the length great for me. Of course I opted for failsafe black, but I am eyeing up a grey check option if I get enough wear out of this one.


So there’s the first additions to my brand new capsule wardrobe and I’m already itching to wear both items again which can only be a good sign! I can’t tell you how much more satisfying shopping is with my new focussed approach, as well as getting dressed everyday. Slowly all my items are starting to work with each other, and the majority of my clothes I can mix and match. Next on my hit list is some red stripes (I’ve got blue coming out of my ears), some dungarees (I’m thinking classic black denim) and a new crisp, white tee (round neck, to go under said dungas). I’ve set myself to one or two items a month, which seems a sensible pace not only financially but also allows me to really work out what I want to spend on and what I don’t. Look out for my next update!


Shop my blazer picks below!


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