how to wear all black in summer

Head to toe black is one of my favourite outfits.

It’s just easy. And it’s chic and it’s slimming (they say). Black jeans, boots and sweater in winter is simple – but when it comes to summer, wearing noir from top to bottom can be a little tricker to pull off. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much do it – but it just takes a little bit of thought. After all, black isn’t really associated with summer fashion, but as someone who likes to dabble in both seasonal trends and more classic styles, I don’t see why black can’t be worn in warmer weather. Today’s outfit is one I wore on our recent trip to France (more content on that coming soon!) – and it was probably the comfiest, easiest outfit I wore for the entire trip. I felt summery and casual and didn’t think twice about being in all black. What was it about this outfit that meant it felt fit for summer?

Light fabrics

This one probably goes without saying, but making sure the material of your outfit is light enough for warm temperatures is key. This dress is a lovely light jersey which means it hangs loosely and doesn’t cling when things get sticky! It gives a soft drape which looks effortless and thrown together and I can honestly say this dress has been my underrated hero of the summer so far for this reason!

Small details

This dress has a V-back with a thin strap across the shoulders which is what I love about it – picking something with a small detail like that, really helps add something different to the piece. You only see it when you see the dress from behind – similar to the side splits which only show when you walk. Looking for items with small details like that brings a little bit of interest to what could be a pretty plain outfit – in summer we tend to opt for more detailed items (think embroidery, beads, tassels) whereas our winter wardrobes are more structured and simple. A little bit of detail can go along way!

Seasonal accessories

And finally, adding some seasonal accessories is key to elevating your black ensemble. I’ve added a basket bag here, which is a sure way to bring something into the summer – and are on trend this year. I’d also love to add a pop of colour with some bright tassel earrings or some simple gold necklaces – just those little touches can change an outfit so quickly and needn’t be expensive or hassle.

Dress – Shein | Sandals – ASOS (old, similar here or below)
Basket bag – French market | Sunglasses – Flying Tiger

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