summer dressing for girls who don’t like their legs

I love the warm weather.

I think the majority of us do. That feeling of being able to make plans that involve being outdoors, of enjoying typical summertime activities without fear of rain or wind, of wearing less clothes.

That last bit, is perhaps not a reason to love the warmer weather for some. It certainly isn’t for me. Sunshine and warmer temperatures brings the need for fewer layers, shorter sleeves – dresses, skirts, shorts. And as someone who doesn’t like a certain part of her body, it can be a tough time. I’ve hated my legs since I was a kid – I’ve always been tall and ‘bigger’ than others, I remember sitting in assembly as a 7 year old and wondering why my legs bulged at the knee when I crossed them and the other girls’ didn’t. It’s something I’ve learnt to live and get to grips with – we’re all made differently, and without going on a body confidence rant, there will always be some part of you that you don’t like. So today, rather than telling you embrace it – I’m here to style up a look and make some suggestions for summer holiday dressing, for girls who just don’t like their legs.

What I’d give to feel comfortable in a pair of denim shorts – how good do they look with a simple white shirt on holiday? But the truth is, I don’t, and instead of trying to force myself to feel good, I’ve learnt to shop for items that keep me cool, but covered up. I wanted to share these culottes today – my latest holiday buy. For a start, culottes are very much in fashion this year and I love how they look dressed up as well as casual. They’re everywhere, so you can find yourself a pair relatively cheaply if you’re unsure. These were just £12! The material is lightweight and thin, and a stretchy waistband meaning they’re ideal for the hot weather. My thighs are concealed but I was definitely just as cool wearing these on this warm morning in Annecy.

Top – Matalan (similar linked below) | Culottes – Boohoo
Sandals – ASOS (similar linked below)

I’ve picked myself up a stripey pair and a plain black pair, which will be great for work when it’s warm. Teamed with a basic top, even a longer sleeved one moving into autumn, they’re a great all rounder. Aside from culottes, my summer holiday wardrobe consists of mainly cotton midi dresses, like the one I posted last week, and lightweight maxis (which you can see here). All these items are just perfect for girls who don’t fancy getting their legs out in the summer months, and needn’t cost the earth. Summer dressing shouldn’t be a chore and after years of struggling, I’ve finally found my sunshine style!

Key pieces to shop for in summer (when you don’t like your legs!)
Midi dresses & skirts
Maxi dresses & skirts
Cotton trousers
Culotte jumpsuits

Shop my outfit below!


Shop my leg-covering picks below!

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