5 reasons why I prefer online shopping

Recently, I was discussing online shopping with my girlfriends and I realised quite how much I prefer shopping online than instore.

The week before, I’d dared to venture to our local shopping centre with my mum. I had a little bit of cash to spend and with a holiday on the horizon, I had high hopes. I came home with one swimsuit. I hadn’t been to the highstreet in months – and I hadn’t really noticed. I hadn’t missed it, and short of Primark, everything I can get there, I can also get online. A friend of mine said she was the opposite, and said how she finds the volume of stock online overwhelming. I quickly offered up my tips for refining the constant stream of New In products and that’s when I realised I really did have a preference for online shopping. But why is that?

Dress – Izabel London * | Sandals – ASOS (sold out, similar here and here) | Sunglasses – Flying Tiger | Bag – Kate Spade (sold out, similar here and here)

The Bargains

First up, I really am a Chief Bargain Hunter. I’ve got some great bits in the sales over the years, and 99% of these have been online. Not only do websites often offer Pre-Sales to online customers, you get the scope of the entire warehouse – not just what stock that particular store has left. Online sale shopping, if you’re quick enough, can be the best – you can whip up pieces you’ve had your eye on for ages at a fraction of the price, because there is so much more stock to go around.

The Wishlists

This takes me onto the Wishlist function that the majority of sites are adopting lately, pioneered by ASOS and what a dream! Saving items you like the look of, for me, is so useful. Not only does it allow me to really think through my purchases (you know, pop back to them every now and then, see if I’m still keen or can justify the price), it allows you the chance to see them all in once place so you can curate your wardrobe how you see fit, and it also allows you to scan through quickly when the sale kicks in, saving on nonsense purchasing and streamlining the bargains you do decide to get. I suppose a wishlist is like a shopping basket if you were in store, yet it lasts a whole lot longer and gives you chance to go away and come back – to see if it really is what you want.

The comfort of your own home

This has got to be the biggest win of online shopping – trying stuff on at home. As someone who looks far from a Victoria Secrets Angel in a fitting room mirror, there is nothing better than unpackaging my order at home, in my bedroom, with my mirror and my shoes/bags/spanx to try on with it. Not only is the light significantly better at home (anything is better than fluorescent shop lighting, am I right?), you’ve got all your wardrobe at your disposal to try on with it. It helps you see if things work together or if certain shoes or accessories actually compliment the item.

The Choice

I mentioned this a second ago when talking about sales, but shopping online shows you the entire bredth of the store’s items – not just what the retail team think the demographic of your local store will like! Shopping on the highstreet may mean you can miss so many great items as they simply don’t come into your store, but shopping online means you get the opportunity to see absolutely everything.

The Smaller Brands

And lastly, let’s take this dress for example. From a store that doesn’t exist on the physical highstreet. The internet is full of up and coming brands (and those who are actually mega-well known and choose to stay exclusively online) – ones you just couldn’t get your hands on anywhere else. Their overheads are lower, meaning they can a) exist and b) maybe even be cheaper. Win win!

Over recent years, I am total online convert. How about you?

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