3 things you wouldn’t think to make with your smoothie maker

I’ve talked here before how I’m just not that into cooking.

I’ve never been great at it, but equally I’m not a disaster 100% of the time. I have the odd hiccup and if I’m honest, I do find it time consuming and boring. We also have the world’s tiniest kitchen, and that definitely doesn’t encourage me, so if there’s a gadget I can get my hands on that’s going to make cooking and prepping food faster, easier and with minimal mess, I’m there. Enter, the blender. I’ve had a few of these kinds of things before – smaller, less powerful smoothie makers and a tiny little blender that is pretty much only good for chopping onions. I’ve always wanted something a bit more powerful, to do more than blend up some banana and berries, but we struggle with space in aforementioned tiny kitchen and so I’d accepted I would only ever get something when we moved into a bigger house.

How wrong I was! Meet the Salter Nutrislim.

As summer looms and I try to up my gym going and pack in some more fruit and veg, TJ Hughes got in touch regarding their healthy eating campaign. I was sent the Salter Nutrislim (which is nearly half price on their site at £22.99!) to see what I could come up with. We all know about making smoothies, and although the Nutrislim is marketed as a product for just that, I wanted to put its 700W and special blades to the test and try something a bit different – to see if it was powerful enough to create something other than smoothies. And it did! Before I get onto what I whizzed up, I also wanted to mention how compact this blender is – a tall, slim bottle like shape which is ideal for small kitchens, but don’t let that fool you, because this is pretty powerful. Follow this link to see how it looks – as I say, our small and rather unattractive kitchen doesn’t host a blender-photo shoot well so make sure you click through if you want to see what the blender actually looks like! The bottles are also wider than others I’ve used making them a doddle to clean.

So what did I make?

Nut Butter

I’ve been wanting to make my own nut butter forever – and I was aware you needed a pretty powerful blender to do it. I took a risk with this one, and it paid off – I couldn’t believe how quickly this whizzed up some homemade peanut butter. All I needed was 250g of peanuts and a dollop of honey and within a matter of seconds, I had my own creamy peanut butter with no added nasties. Next, I’m hoping to whizz up some cashew butter and maybe even almond. I was so impressed by how easily the Nutrislim blended the nuts!

Beetroot Hummus

I’ve made this before in my tiny little blender (think, the size of a cereal bowl) and made a total mess. So I was excited to have the opportunity to give it another go. It’s great to bring out at BBQs as it looks impressive but is actually super simple to make. I use this recipe, but I tend to half it as it makes rather alot! The Nutrislim handled everything well, my only advice would be to chop the beetroot small as big chunks did tend to get hidden in the mixture!

Watercress & Walnut Pesto

This last one I was so excited to finally make – I’d always wanted to make my own take on pesto and I finally got chance. Again, this was super simple in the Nutrislim – I just threw everything in and blended for 30 seconds or so. I used this recipe as we had some watercress in the fridge (as you do) and I spied a rogue bag of walnuts that no one was going to miss on the side. It’s super tasty and goes great with the usual pasta, as well as with the steamed salmon I whipped up a few nights back!

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with how small but powerful the Nutrislim is – it’s a welcome addition to our kitchen! I’ve managed to create three recipes that we’d normally get shop bought, which fits in well with an attempt to keep healthy and avoid any unwanted nasties in our food. I’m looking forward to trying some variations on the nut butters and maybe some blended iced coffees this summer!


Oh, and to take a second for these photos – shot by me but styled by food stylist extraordinaire, and dare I say it, friend, Lizzie – who came to my rescue when I said I had three dishes to photograph and not alot of experience in this area – bravo and thank you!

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