how I kickstart my monday morning

Not long ago I wrote about how I learnt to become a morning person.

It’s got to be one of my popular posts to date, and it still holds true now. It’s Monday as I write this and although I definitely could’ve done with another ten minutes this morning, I don’t feel all that bad. In light of that, I decided to whizz up a blog post about why that is – what is it that makes Monday bearable and how to kickstart the week. We all know the Sunday Blues too well, and whilst I don’t deny I definitely suffer from them, I’ve found forcing myself to do the odd little thing helps boost my Monday from drab to…alright! Some of these pointers cross over with my ‘how to become a morning person’ post, but that’s because they work! Let’s go…

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Use Sunday to get prepped

I’m definitely guilty of not always doing this one, but I’ve found using Sunday to get prepared for the week is a must. Going into Monday with an untidy house, no food in the fridge and no clean clothes to wear is a nightmare. On Sunday, as much as I like to go out and about, I like to be home from about 4pm. That gives us time to run the hoover round, tidy up the mass of crap that’s built up on the dining table over the weekend, check the washing is done and put away and everything is how it should be for the week. Generally we tend to food shop on a Friday, so that’s always good – it’s just a case of ensuring my lunch is ready. I can’t tell you how much better it feels to have a house that’s in order when Monday rolls round – the week just immediately feels better!

Prepare a tasty breakfast

I swear by this one! I talked about it my morning tips post and I’ll say it again now – making sure you’ve got something nice to eat for breakfast (and lunch for that matter) is a surefire way to enjoy your morning. Not only does it motivate you to get out of bed, it makes me feel satisfied and like I’ve started my week on a high. I also like to make sure my lunch is a good one on a Monday – again, it’s something to look forward to.

Have a Monday morning meeting

This is something I’ve been doing since January, when my role changed at work. I totally get that you might not be able to facilitate this in all jobs, or if you work for yourself, but having an early morning weekly Monday meeting really gets my week started. There isn’t time to wallow at my desk, longing for the weekend past – it’s straight to business and actually, it really sets my day off well. I have to engage straight away and be on the ball.

Tackle those emails

Another one that you might have to force yourself into, but ignoring emails you don’t want to see just sets the week up for doom. After my meeting, I make sure I at least read all my emails – prioritising and categorising them so I know what’s ahead of me for the week. It helps take away that feeling of dread – even if I have to look through my hands, at least I know it’s done.

Don’t leave yourself a mess

This one requires rewinding to Friday, but I try my best to spend the last hour of Friday getting organised. Even if it’s just tidying my desk and binning unwanted papers, I try to make sure I’m not walking into mayhem on Monday. I write myself notes, and go over my to-do list, padding it out with info because I know come Monday I won’t know what I meant.

And finally…

Go easy on yourself!

No one likes the start of the week – be kind to yourself. Grab that coffee on the way to work, pace your workload and take your lunch break. Having a steady Monday really can set your up for a much calmer week – I feel much more positive this Monday than I have in a long time and that’s because, in particular, I took Sunday to recoup and prepare for my week.

Do you have any tips for getting off on the right foot? I’d love to hear!

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