3 reasons why you should be an outfit repeater

I’m all for keeping things real round here.

And by keeping things real, I mean keeping my feet firmly on the ground. Saying that, it’s not that hard to do when you’re a middle-of-the-road blogger like me. I get the odd PR sample, but mostly, my life is little different to how it was pre-blogging. And by that I mean, I buy things with my own money. That’s by no means a bash at those who revel in the delights of PR gifts (my god, wouldn’t you adore it if you lived that life?), but as I’ve blogged about before – we’re all nestled somewhere very different on the financial spectrum, especially in our twenties, and so the requirement, as a blogger, to showcase new and interesting things on my corner of the internet is no mean feat.

I’ve always been a jeans and a tee girl, and tend to have about three pairs of jeans on the go at once. Lately, I’ve been more a blue denim wearer, and these Marks & Spencer Mom style have been strapped to my legs. In fact, I laughed to myself that they are all that features on my Instagram – dressed up or down, there they are. I adore them for a number of reasons – mostly the fit and secondly the price (£25!). They’re good quality denim, not thin, cotton that wears through at the first sight of a chubby thigh. They’re highwaisted yet long enough in the leg, and all round, I’m pretty into them. I’ll admit, I’d prefer it if they didn’t have the bleach striped effect on the front, but I can’t complain – the cost per wear on these must be down in the pennies by now! And that’s what it’s all about. And before I get stuck into why it’s okay to be an outfit repeater (as if I need to tell you), let’s just take a moment for this top. My first foray into the bardot trend, and I actually really like how it looks. Granted, it’s not the easiest thing to move around in but for £5 (and now sadly sold out – I’ve linked similar below!), it’s a bit of a summer staple that I can get my wear out of. Teamed with my new favourite heels, that featured in this post in fact, this is the perfect summer evening outfit.

So who cares if you’re outfit repeating? Not me and here’s why you shouldn’t either.

It’s real

It’s real life. It’s normal. Most people I know have a wardrobe they wear over and over, some who shop often, some who never do. Repeating an outfit is so normal it almost pains me to type it – celebrities and bloggers alike have led us to believe a new wardrobe for every event/holiday/season is the norm and it’s our job to remember it really isn’t!

There’s other things to spend your money on

I love clothes as much as the next person but when you’re a little strap for cash, it really does make you realise there are so many other, better, things to spend your money on. I’d rather go out for brunch with friends and buy those new jeans next month, or skip this seasons new winter coat in exchange for a flight to France for a few days. It’s prioritising isn’t it? Which I think is fundamental to living a content life and something we could all learn a thing or two about.

You know your style

I always think, if you want to wear something you’ve chosen time and time again, then you’re pretty much winning. What a good eye you’ve got! How well you know you’re own style, that you feel that good in something you want to wear it over and over. If it feels good and you feel amazing wearing it, why would you not want to keep putting it on?

Top – Matalan (sold out – similar here)
Jeans – Marks & Spencer | Heels* – Simply Be

What’s your favourite outfit to repeat?

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