finding your personal style (& a brand that fits perfectly)

Last weekend was one of the best in a long time, and it inspired todays post.

You could say that it started with it being a 3-dayer after taking Friday off work to head west to Bath (my ultimate favourite). I’d been invited to spend the day with a brand I’ve partnered with a few times in recent months, and as someone who is generally out of the blogging-event-loop these days (real life is so busy) I jumped at the opportunity to indulge in some much needed blog time, amongst other bloggers, press and the ladies from the PR team at Joules. Let’s talk about Joules – a brand I’ve known and loved for years. Before the days of blogging, I remember my trusty cream Joules gilet that saw me through university and beyond. For me, they’re a go-to in the lifestyle brand arena – they’re colourful quality with versatile staples that I just.can’t.stop.wearing.  I can quite honestly say, before working with them via my blog, my wardrobe was heavily dominated by their bretons (or Harbour tops as they call them), jumpers and casual outerwear. Joules started in the equestrian circuit and I can see why some would think that’s the kind of brand it is today – and of course, it still nods to it’s roots with more tailored pieces and country-led styling, but for me, Joules are a really flexible staple in my wardrobe. White shirt? Tick. Striped tees? Tick. Lightweight sweaters? Tick. And don’t get me going on footwear (these boots are so loved I can’t even tell you). Spending 24 hours in the company of other Joules lovers and seeing what a diverse bunch we were, inspired me to write todays post. Because how good does it feel when you’ve found a style, a brand, a comfort zone that you can just keep going back to?

I’ve always been somewhat of a disposable fashion shopper. I’ve never had a lot of money, and throughout uni and into my twenties, I dread to think the turnover of clothes that came and went from my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dabble in seasonal trends as much a the next person but there’s just something about finding a brand I know get it spot on for me every time – everything from style, to fit, to quality (and washability!), to colours and the entire brand ethos. When I first partnered up with Joules at the end of last year to bring this post to their blog, I was so pleased to be working with a brand that felt like such a perfect match. Sometimes in blogging, you have to battle with your integrity, or get creative to make something work with your own personal brand and online presence. And sometimes you have to say no entirely. With Joules and Katherine-Louise, there’s no need – it fits me to the T and I’m super proud to partner up with a brand I shop at and recommend regardless.

And what is my personal style? Isn’t that the question everyone dreads, like ‘What music do you listen to?”. With some serious thought, I’ve decided I can’t pin point into one word. Off duty, I’m very casual. Nearly always comfy jeans (Mom/Boyfriend/Skinny), teamed with flats (Converse/Chelsea Boots/Birkenstocks) and comfortable tops – stripes are a must for me, as well as low key sweaters, colour block tees, and loose shirts. Writing it down makes me realise why I adore Joules so much – throw in my trusty pink bobble hat and I’m set!

These photos were taken at Badminton Horse Trials, where I spent the day with Joules, who provide the official clothing collection for the country event. Think lots of shopping (crafts, food, countryside attire) with horses thrown in (dressage, jumping, cross country). As not much of a horsey person, it’s still a fab day out and when Joules invited me along for the day, I was there. I was able to take a + 1 and took Sam along with me – a real novelty to do, and as he helps me out so much with my photo taking, it was nice for him to enjoy a day out too! Arriving in the morning to the beautiful Bath (I’ve seriously been on RightMove everyday since – I’ve always loved the city and Sam was pretty taken with it too!), we hopped in the mini bus and headed through the countryside to Badminton. We checked out the Joules collection stand, and it made me realise how much the brand has grown. The queues were hefty and the stock was flying off the shelves – I felt really privileged to be there as a guest of such a successful brand. We spent some time looking around before indulging in a beautiful spread at the Joules Caravan. Everything was bright and colourful, as you’d expect from Joules and it was lovely to relax, chat to the other guests and enjoy a leisurely lunch. Badminton is a great day out and I’d highly recommend it if you’ve not been before – just don’t forget your wellies and warm coat! Speaking of coats, I was so pleased to finally pick up this yellow dream from Joules for this trip – I’ve wanted it every season for the last few years and finally bit the bullet. It’s the perfect weekend coat and judging by how many others I saw in it at the show, it’s a popular choice! We returned to Bath for dinner suitably exhausted and slightly sunkissed – I had the best quintessentially British day in a long time and slept like a log (the four poster bed at the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel might’ve added to that too). The following day we headed east to London and the Royal Albert Hall to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Film Gala – a total change from the day before and the perfect activity to top of a great weekend.

A big thank you to Joules for such a great day out! Shop some of my favourite Joules pieces below:

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