my first foray into gardening

It would seem I’ve started myself a little series here.

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Back in January, I wrote about My First Foray Into Podcasts, which you can read here. And today, I wanted to write a little about something else I’ve been enjoying lately. Gardening. Can you tell I’m reaching 30? My hobbies have definitely changed, and I’d rather spend the afternoon getting some fresh air than in a crowded shopping centre. Since we moved into our house two years ago, Sam’s really got into the garden. It’s only small –  a rectangular lawn, a small patio and a path to the back gate. The house came complete with shed and waterbutt which is useful, and not long after we arrived Sam dug out the small strip on the other side of the path to create a long flowerbed. I’ve taken a bit of an interest, mostly helping him choose colours and offering my opinion on flowers I like (and those I don’t!). But with the great weather that was forecast for the weekend just gone, I thought it was about time I stepped it up a notch and invested a bit more time in the garden, the way Sam does. It would be nice to have a joint hobby, and so Saturday afternoon we got gardening!

Whilst Sam mowed the lawn (that’s one job I can’t see myself getting into), I decided to pot up the succulents we’d bought for our window in the kitchen. They’d been sat in their existing pots for weeks and we had stumbled across a really quaint (and cheap) nursery, where we got three shallow terracotta pots for just 69p each. We probably need some small stones to go in with these, but I’m pleased with finally got them done. I love greenery in an otherwise monochrome kitchen. Next, was my peony plant. My dad had cultivated this for me last year, knowing they were my favourite, and had delivered it last week. I sourced myself a big enough pot and although peony season is short, I will be SO chuffed if I get just one flower. I love how peonies are so tightly packed and then they open up into these huge multi-layered flowers – I don’t actually know what colour this one is so I’m excited for it to start showing signs of life!

gardening gardening gardening gardening gardening gardening gardeningpics

I’d also been badgering Sam to plant some potatoes, after seeing our good friend Monty Don do it on Gardeners World… in a bag! We’ve grown a few veg before, but mostly extra large and totally useless marrows, so I wanted to try my hand at growing something we’d actually enjoy. We held off the potatoes in the end due to space on the patio, but opted for some tomato plants (which you can see in the photos – they’re vining ones so they grow up, hence the makeshift bamboo). They were £1.50 for three so if we don’t have much joy, not all is lost – it’s our first go afterall! We also made an impromptu decision to buy a raspberry bush. We’ve grown a handful of strawberries in the past and I always begrudge the price of raspberries at the supermarket so we opted to give them a go ourselves!

We have a habit of purchasing plants and veg that need full sun, so the end of the garden nearest the house is looking pretty full. We have space for about 3 or 4 plants to go in the ground in a shadier spot near the shed – our next job! We also replenished our hanging pots with a few new perennials (I learnt this word from the lady at the Lavender Farm – it means a plant that lives for longer than two years), so they look a little fresher and more colourful for the summer months. Where we park our cars mean we enter our house from the back. Coming in the back gate and being met by a burst of colour in the high summer is really lovely and I can’t wait for our hydrangeas to come out this year – we have two huge blue ones which are my favourites. I really enjoyed being out in the sun this weekend, together, and the time flew! I also ached the next morning so I think I got some pretty good exercise, and the Vitamin D definitely did us both good. I’m looking forward to seeing our new endeavors grow and many more weekends in the sun this summer!

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