3 new beauty bits for combination skin

Taking it old skool today with a wee beauty post.

combination skin combination skin combination skin

I’ve talked previously about how I couldn’t keep up the momentum of beauty posting, when I moved house and my finances altered dramatically, leaving little leftover dosh for high end make splurges and those notorious trips to Boots. I’ve found my way around it and budget well to ensure I still get to buy my necessities, but lately I’ve noticed a real change in my skin that I needed to address. It was dry! For such an oily gal, this was unheard of. And although I know I had patches of dehydration, I never suffered with make up clinging to flaky skin and bumpy areas like it was doing.

After a bit of a Google, I knew I needed to head to the shops and invest in a couple of new products. I needed a moisture boost, and perhaps a new, lighter coverage base for day to day. I was finding my usual foundations too heavy for my newly drier skin, and moving into Spring this was perfect timing anyway. So what did I pick up?

combination skin combination skin combination skin

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque – approx. £16

First up, a new hydrating face mask. My Origins Drink Up mask is coming to an end and La Roche Posay is a brand within my budget that I really trust. I’d read about this mask online and read only good reviews. Marketed as a ‘complimentary step in your skincare routine’, it’s intentions are simple – to leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. I applied it Sunday as soon as I got home, and was intrigued to see you didn’t rinse it off, just wiped what was left on the skin off with a cotton pad after 10 minutes. This to me suggests it really absorbs into the skin, and the areas where there is still product left, just don’t need as much hydration. I found after my 10 minutes was up that there was very little left on the surface of my skin and was really pleased to see that my skin was feeling much more hydrated and bouncy. Since then, I’ve applied it to a particular problem area on my nose and it has been fully absorbing into the skin, helping with the dryness. A definite thumbs up from me for this product (which is currently on Buy One Get One Half Price at Boots) from a brand I’ve loved for a long time.

La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur Cream – approx. £11-16

Next up isn’t a hydrating product, but something I’ve found sits surprisingly nicely on my newly combination skin. It’s a light coverage base, and it’s again from La Roche Posay. I’ve been hearing rave reviews of this for months, and when I spotted the offer on in Boots, I grabbed the last bottle of this. It is actually marketed as a product for oily skin, but I’m finding it great for combination. It’s a mousse consistency, and comes in two shades (which is a shame but I hope maybe more will come out soon!). It blended really beautifully onto my skin the first time I used it and became pretty much undetectable almost instantly. It dries matte straight away, without clinging to any dry areas and my skin looked even and fresh from the off. I wore it for a full day at work with a primer, powder and setting spray and after 12 hours it looked just as good as some of my high end foundations do. It wore well, and stayed even throughout, and I noticed as I applied it throughout the week that a little goes along way. I can see why so many people are raving about the BB Blur Cream. Another great product from La Roche Posay! (For reference, Light/Fair is a great colour for me, as roughly a NW20 in Mac/Shade 2 in Georgio Armani).

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Bomb Mask – approx. 99p-£1.50

This was just an add-on sale that I grabbed near the till, but something I’ve sworn by for years. Sheet masks are a dream when your skin just needs that extra boost and I’ve had to stock up from Sephora in the past, as there haven’t been many on the UK market. I’m seeing more and more now and had seen a few people reviewing these from Garnier. They’re really great to use before a special occasion, when you want your make up to look fab as they’re hydrating, rather than detoxifying so don’t draw out imperfections like charcoal masks do. They’re also relatively inexpensive so I love to have a few in my drawer (plus they’re great when you’re shattered or have a headache as they’re so cooling!). I used mine in the bath whilst having a relax, and as with all the others I’ve used, it let my skin feeling super soft after use. This particular one smelt really good (pomegranate I believe), and although there was excess liquid when I took it off, it soaked into my skin quickly. My problem patches around my nose also looked much better the next morning and my make up glided on. As I say, these are fab to keep in stock should you need a little pamper and moisture boost. Another thumbs up!

Do you have any highstreet skincare favourites for combination skin?

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