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I’m back – Happy New Year!

2017 goals and committments 2017-goals-and-committments 2017 goals and committments

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Those who follow me on my social channels will know I’ve just spent two weeks in California over Christmas. There is plenty to come on that front, but whilst I bust the jetlag and work through over 1,000 photos, I wanted to pop together a post that summarises my 2017 goals and commitments. I name them so, as to avoid the ‘resolution’ facade – the one we are all so quick to dismiss these days, in an attempt to create more realistic and wider-reaching aims for the year ahead. For me, the beginning of a new year does symbolise a fresh start and although I am well aware a new beginning can occur at any time, there is something about January that breathes a bit of fresh air into my lungs. The indulgence of Christmas is over and my new diary is bought – it’s the perfect time to take stock and see what it is I want to make of the new year. So what have I got my eye on in 2017?

Be more upfront

Something that I found I battled with alot in 2016 was my inability to be upfront. Whether that was saying no to things I didn’t want to do – both socially and at work, or confronting problems head on – I spent a lot of the last year agonising over things that didn’t make me happy. I want to try to remember this throughout 2017 and channel that honesty really is the best policy, in order to have a happier and more efficient 2017.

Channel kindness

Hands up, I stole this one from my friend Lizzie – who tweeted about her commitment to kindness in 2017, to others and herself. It resonated with me, and although I do my best to be kind and generous to those around me, there is always a little more that could be done. Kindness to yourself can take on many forms, and I know, although I don’t have a particularly stressful job, I need to recognise my successes more in order to be a little more content with where I am in life.

Fix my teeth

A less philosphical one, but a goal for 2017 nonetheless. It may have been the fortnight I spent in the USA, but my teeth have come to the forefront on my mind recently and I’d like 2017 to be the year I put some plans in place to get them straightened up. They’ve moved in the last 6/7 years and although I know just one year won’t be enough time to pay for and fix them, I hope 2017 is the year I can get moving on this!

Embrace podcasts

On our 10 hour flight home from California this week, there was a guy across the aisle from me who did nothing but, what I can only describe as, better himself, for the entire flight. He read and listened to podcasts for the entire journey, making notes and to-do lists from the things he’d learnt. Although it caused me no end of anxiety that the poor chap didn’t get a wink of sleep, I was impressed. Sam listens to podcasts, as does my sister, and they range from chatty ones about their interests to more educational or research based ones. 2017 is the year I vow to embrace the podcast – an opportunity to better my knowledge and conversational input, that slots into the life I lead. I can listen as a I work, drive…wash up. So far I’ve had recommendations for Ctrl Alt Del, Ladies Who Lunch and Lady Lovin’, whilst Stuff You Missed In History Class has been on my radar for a while. Other suggestions welcome!

Travel closer to home

Having visited the USA for two years in a row, I am devoting 2017 to closer to home travel. There is still so much of Europe I am yet to see – even Scotland (can you believe), so I hope that this year I can move around abit within our continent and make the most of what is available to me. With that, I think in 2017 it’s vital to show a little bit of appreciation to England itself – I realised a few things whilst being away with Christmas and I am more grateful than ever to be British so I’m looking forward to enjoying some long weekends this year a little closer to home!

Learn about my body

And finally, 2017 is the year I finally educate myself on what works for my body. This isn’t so much a fitness goal – more an attempt to get to grips with what my body, individually, needs. Whether that’s learning to cook with new ingredients or recognising how much better exerise makes me feel, I’d like to be more aware in 2017. I admit I’m an exercise-phobe out of pure lack of knowledge so learning more this year is key!

I love to her other people’s plans for the year ahead – have you set any 2017 goals and commitments?

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