2017 survey – the results

I want to first start with an enromous THANK YOU to everyone who filled out my 2017 survey.

shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour

I didn’t expect two responses, let alone the amount I received, so thank you for taking the time out of your day to help and support Katherine-Louise. It means alot, as we move into another year where my focus is redefined and my want for an even better internet space grows. The biggest thing I got from the survey was reassurance. Although it gave me alot of interesting statistics and sparked some inspirations, there is something about readers interacting that really drives home: someone is reading! Page views and hits are something I always check, alongside my social follower counts – but comments on posts and engagement with things like my survey really reassure me that I’m doing something right, as people really do read. I was blown away that 60% of the people who answered the survey have been with me since the very beginning (since the days of Jemima & Ted, before Katherine-Louise was even born). That loyalty and returning visitors really surprised me, and in turn has given me such a push to keep going the way I am – that’s almost 6 years. So much changes in 6 years and to think some of you are still returning after so long…what more can I say! I was also so pleased to see that it was a 50/50 split in readers who had their own blog, and those who didn’t. I think blogging really requires this to grow outside of it’s own sphere. And to see that 50% read every single post I put up? Wow. Thank you!

shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour shooting in golden hour

Scarf & Hat – Joules | Jacket – TKMaxx | Jeans – ASOS | Boots – Primark

So what are the outcomes, for me to work on, for 2017?

Only one or two readers identified this as something to improve on, but I see it as a huge compliment and it’s something I’m going to work my hardest to deliver on. You all know I work full time alongside blogging currently, and my contract just changed to take on more hours. But I’m optimistic, and I actually have little problem writing posts – it’s the photographs I struggle to get shot, as I have developed a rather specific ideal for what I like them to look like, and they often require a helping hand. I fully intend to be more committed to shooting photos this year and hope this is reflected in more regular posts!


(but not too much!)

99% of the comments on my design were super positive, which was a welcome surprise. I have a love/hate relationship with my site design and I know there are things I could improve that I’ve been putting off. If I’m transparent with you, it comes down to cost – I’m no coding whizz and nor is anyone in my immediate sphere, so I have to pay people to help me make these changes. I feel if I write two key things I want to achieve here, I may actually follow through with them this year! First up, I want to swtich my domains over, as I am doing less make up work these days and more blog work. I know clicking through from my make up landing page can be a pain. And secondly, a couple of people mentionned how my images display on different screen sizes. This has always baffled me so I will vow now, to get to grips with it in 2017!


I guess that isn’t one I thought I’d be writing, but a few people asked for more life updates, which is completely how blogging was when I first started. In 2017, Katherine-Louise will take on more of a story telling theme and go back to basics. I’m starting this with today’s post! A Sunday walk at golden hour, and some of my all time favourite photos. I’m also working my way through my USA posts, which simply tell a story of our holiday and share our photos, rather than being designed to draw SEO hits. I hope you enjoy them – my first is here!


And finally, I asked at the end of my survey if people felt they had a personal connection to me as a blog writer. I’ve always been hung up on my voice not coming through, people not investing in me as a person. But your comments reassured me otherwise and I will endevour to remain the same old me for 2017 – money woes and all!

Thank you all so much for helping me realise some changes and opportunities for 2017 here on Katherine-Louise. I hope this is it’s best year yet!


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