my tips for becoming a morning person

Hands up if you struggle getting up in the morning?

how to become a morning person how to become a morning person how to become a morning person how to become a morning person

Who doesn’t, right? Well, me, actually. I know, I know – what an irritating thing to say. But over the past two years, I’ve gradually got what used to be one of my biggest flaws pretty much nailed. These days, I tend not to sleep in at weekends and don’t dread my 5.45am mid week wake ups. Becoming a morning person has given me so much more time and opportunity – I talked about building my perfect weekend here, which included an early Saturday start and I just don’t mind it. So how did I make it happen?

Rise & Shine

Since I get up at around 6am most days of the week for work, my body clock has finally left my student years behind and naturally wakes up between 6.30 and 7am on the weekend or days off anyway. This (sadly) gives me so much pleasure – that feeling of ‘I have so many hours ahead of me’, alongside the smug Gosh, I’m so on the ball with life right now. I’ll admit, there are certainly days when I lay in bed that bit longer – today in fact, when I didn’t get up until 8.30am. But getting up before 9am makes such a difference to me mentally, and sets me on the right track for the day. Try it next Saturday! You might be surprised how good you feel.

Vary your wake up times

Since swapping my hair washing routine to a morning one (thrilling, huh?), I’ve got to get up at 5.45am three days a week. The other two days, I needn’t get up until 6.20am. I’ve found varying my wake ups gives me the sense of a lie in on my later days, a treat, which sounds utterly ridiculous but makes it easier, trust me!

Best breakfast

Boy, do I love breakfast. We all know I’ve got a sweet tooth (and if you do too, I highly recommend this post) so lately I’ve been overindulging in my porridge with Nutella for breakfast. Having a breakfast I look forward to really motivates me to get up. Yes, a dollop of Nutella every day isn’t exactly healthy but on days when I fancy it, I give in. Having something a little bit naughty at the beginning of the day is better for you than having it at night, as your body has all day to burn it off. A nice coffee and a hearty bowl of porridge leaves me feeling satisfied and full up. Try something that little bit more special on a day when you’re struggling to motivate yourself – a bargaining tool if you will! 

Take some quiet time

When I lived at home, I would leave getting up until the last minute. Usually around 45 minutes before I had to leave home, I’d get up, shower, eat, make up and be out the door. I used to eat my breakfast at my dressing table and feel rushed (and half asleep!) when I got to work. These days, I give myself a little over an hour which means I take around 20 minutes each morning to eat my breakfast on the sofa, sip my coffee, catch up with the morning news and just wake up before my day begins. I really look forward to this part of my day!

Get to bed

And lastly? Get to bed on time! An early riser is usually someone who goes to bed pretty early too, and I find being in bed by 10pm gives me plenty of rest, and my full 8 hours. If I go to bed after that point, everything is so much more of a struggle in the morning. Maybe it’s my age!

how to become a morning person how to become a morning person how to become a morning person how to become a morning person

Dressing gown* – JD Williams | Mug – Matalan | Bed Linen – Laura Ashley

Over the last two years or so, I’ve really seen an improvement in my morning motivation. Getting a balance of  the rest you need is key and reading your bodies requirements is vital, but the feeling of accomplishment in enjoying the first few hours of the day is really rewarding.

Do you have any tips for a making the most of your mornings?

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