styling leopard print the only way I know how

You know sometimes, you make an impulse purchase and it was totally the right thing to do?

styling leopard print coat styling leopard print coat styling leopard print coat leopar-print-coatstyling leopard print coat

Other times, perhaps you take a trip back to the store, receipt in hand, ready to admit your hasty mistake. But on the odd occasion that lack of thought serves you well. Enter, the leopard print coat. Just two Saturdays ago, I spent the afternoon browsing the shops and sipping one too many coffees with a girl friend. She had her minature sausage dog in tow, which inevitably creates a stir with passersby. Whilst holding said pooch, a friendly lady commented on her and we got chatting. She then gestured to the leopard print coat that was hanging not far away and asked us what we thought. And what did we think? I’ll have one for myself, of course.

Now admittedly, we were in Primark. Where I joke that it isn’t real money – like eating low fat food, it’s not real calories. The coat was priced at a handsome £25, and, in my wisdom and increasing old age, I noticed it was lined and fairly robust. I fished out my size, slipped it on, and even with my striped jumper juxtaposing the bold pattern, I was sold. I’ve got one or two sensible coats – plain, neutral, inoffensive. But this, this was an opportunity to try something a bit daring, something bang on trend, for such a cheap price – I struggled to say no.

styling leopard print coat styling leopard print coat styling leopard print coat styling leopard print coatleopard-print-coat-2

Coat – Primark | Jumper & Bag – M&S | Jeans – ASOS | Boot – Joules

And having owned it for a fortnight now, I can safely say, it’s had it’s fair share of outings already (where the compliments have been endless, I hasten to add!). So, how am I styling such an overt piece, as someone who is quite discreet in her fashion choices? With all black, that’s how. The only way I know! There’s a number of reasons for this – firstly, it gives the coat it’s time to shine. The rest of my outfit isn’t worth a second glance, but the coat – the coat is the showstopper. I also think with a slightly more garish (…some might say) pattern such as leopard print, or snakeskin, it’s much more sophisticated to keep things neutral elsewhere. It says, hey, I’m classic and I know my style but I like to have fun every now and then. Keeping everything else mellow is a nod to the classic, with a twist. Staying basic also removes any need to buy anything new, just to go with your new impulse buy. Everyone has a black jumper and jeans, right? I admit, I opted for my brown chelsea boots on this particular day  – we were braving the Christmas shopping and I needed something flat and sensible, but my parent points as shown in this post would work just as well.

Styling bold prints needn’t be scary – just keep things neutral, classic and let the item do the talking!

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