how I build my perfect weekend

What makes for the perfect weekend?

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The older I get, the more in touch I am with what makes me happy. And I realised that this weekend just gone, was in fact, my ideal set up. Weekends are more important than ever, and although I hate to think we all live for the weekend, those two days away from our day jobs are crucial. Filling my spare time with things that enrich my life is something I’ve spent more and more time thinking about, and even if that means a night in on the sofa, I still count it as time well spent. It comes back to being content (which I wrote about here) with what we have, and appreciating things that may usually go unnoticed in our hectic lives. So, what are my key components for the perfect weekend?

Making the most of time

This mostly comes down to not staying in bed too long, but for me – that’s key. I mean, I love sleep, don’t get me wrong. And I never really was much of a morning person, until my body clock started waking me up at a pretty good (or unholy, depending on how you see it) hour on a Saturday. It might have something to do with being a cat-mum these days, but I tend to usually get up pretty early at the weekends. Not, 5.45am-I-want-to-kill-someone- early, like during the week, but before or around 8am, and I usually don’t need an alarm clock. Waking up naturally makes such a difference. This means I can use my time wisely – whether that’s enjoying an hour on the sofa with my porridge catching up on my programmes or getting out and about. This weekend I headed down to the coast with my parents for an early breakfast. One of my favourite things to do!

…But get enough rest

This is where Sunday comes in. For me, Sunday really is the day of rest. It’s the lazy day. Sunday mornings, when Sam heads to football, are sacred for me. Occasionally I fill them with a coffee catch up or maybe show my face at the football game, but mostly, that’s my time to lay in bed if I feel I want to. Sunday afternoons are often spent on the sofa, with something in the slow cooker and something good on TV. Even if you’re not sleeping, making sure you’re getting some downtime at the weekend is vital to feeling like you made the most of your weekend. Back to back rushing around doesn’t sit well with me and I love to take just a few hours to rest and recoup on a Sunday.

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Good food

I read this week that Taurus’ love their food. And yep, it’s true. Good food is really important to me over the weekend. I look forward to a meal out like no other, it’s something I really value and enjoy doing. There’s something about a cosy pub dinner on a Friday night, or an Indian with a group of friends that I really look forward to. Valuing that time is integral to my perfect weekend and a key component in enjoying my free time.

Good company

And what goes with good food? Good company. Making sure I see a diverse range of people over my weekends is also important to me. I have a core group of friends who I see most weeks, but I like to make sure I make use of my time to catch up with other friends, family, sometimes even colleagues. Splitting my time amongst different people keeps my weekends varied and interesting! This weekend I spent time with friends at the fireworks, some much needed time at home with Sam, a coffee catch up with family friends and dinner with my family. Time well spent!

But most importantly…do what you love

So often there’s pressure to make the most of our weekends by filling them crammed full with events and social activity. I hope from this post you can gleam that I totally value my downtime as well as my busier periods, and ultimately, doing what you love doing, is all that matters. Going for an afternoon coffee and cake, the odd martini-fulled night out, good meals and lazy sofa days all figure pretty high on my agenda and depending on how I’m feeling, they all have their rightful place. I love to plan my weekends throughout the week, factoring in different aspects with different people at different times. My favourite time is Friday night and I totally sit somewhere between being the girl that loves a drink and dance, and the girl who loves to cook a good meal and get an early night. Balance is key to enjoying your free time!

So, what did I do this weekend?

Friday night saw some brownie baking after work, followed by trying a new katsu curry recipe and a night on the sofa with Titanic. Saturday was an early start with my parents by the coast for breakfast and some fresh sea air, followed by blog writing in the afternoon. Saturday night we got together with our friends for the local fireworks followed by a meal out. And Sunday? A coffee catch up with family friends, where I showcased my brownie making skills, a quiet afternoon, and an early evening roast. If that isn’t the perfect weekend, I don’t know what is!

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