how to wear slogans as an adult

I’ve admired this trend from afar and never bit the bullet and got one for myself.

slogan sweater slogan-sweater-collage slogan sweater

Afterall, I think slogan tops are pretty hard to nail, right? First up, you’ve got my fickle nature – what if I get one that expresses me this week but next week, I’m not feeling that way? And, are they really for 28 year old women? Not to mention, they’re a trend and when you’re trying not to splash the cash, trend-led pieces are best avoided. And then for some reason, on Friday just gone, perhaps it was the opening of a flashy new H&M just ten minutes from my house, I made an impromptu purchase. And seeing as I’ve had to force myself not to wear it everyday since? I think I made the right choice.

Today I wanted to talk about why I think this is right slogan top for me (which you’ll find here) – and ways you can go about picking up onr that’ll work for you, as the sophisticated adult that you are. Here are my tips!

slogan sweater slogan sweater slogan sweater slogan sweater

Get the slogan right

I think this was my biggest worry. We’ve all seen them – the ones that make our minds bend, and sometimes even wonder what they mean. Let’s be brutal and leave ‘Squad Goals’ to the 14 year old girls. The slogan you opt for needs to be age appropriate, with minimal cringe factor. Mine says ‘Laugh More’, and I think that’s pretty much okay. We all should and all it is suggesting about me as a person is that I want to encourage happiness in others. Remember, you’re brandishing this slogan across your chest for everyone you encounter to see – make sure it suggests the right thing about you as a person! If I’m honest, the higher the price point, the better I’ve found the slogan tops to be. Whistles do some great options, with their Ca Va? tshirt being a best seller last year. I love a slogan in another language, but be sure to know what it says before wearing it proudly. I think the simpler the better!

Simple colours

The simplicity of the slogan leads me onto my next point – when it comes to picking one, I think this is a real time for less is more. My sweater is just two colours, black and white. And although I am notoriously drawn to monochrome, I don’t think it’s a requirement for the slogan trend – I would just always aim for maximum two colours present in the garment as a whole. This avoids the cutesy teeny look and gives your item a quality feel.

Typography matters

As a visual person who uses typography alot in my day job, I am drawn to fonts. Fonts really matter to me (probably more than they should) and sub-consciously, they will to you too. I’m no typography scientist but fonts do make us feel certain ways and they give off pretty powerful vibes. I’ll often choose my dinner destination in a new place by the branding above the door, which is totally illogical but it’s how my brain works. Branding is big business for a reason! I was drawn to my sweater because of it’s classic, simple, bold font. It’s modern, a touch Scandi and actually, very similar to the ones I previously mentioned in Whistles. I would always opt for a bold font, rarely an italic, sans-serif (no kicks on the ends of the letters) and well spaced. This is personal preference without a doubt so make sure you love your font!

Keep your outfit classic

When it comes to actually wearing your slogan piece, I think the key is, once again, simplicity. The slogan does the talking and is the focal point of your outfit. For this post, I’m sharing a casual Saturday look and how I teamed my monochrome sweater with black jeans, black boots and my neutral coat. If head to toe black isn’t your vibe, classic blue jeans would work just as well. If you’re willing to wear a slogan top, you might as well give it 5 minutes of fame!

Accessorise like an adult

When I put this outfit on, I admit, I reached for my Converse. And by all means, that would totally work with this look – but for someone who was wanting reassurance that I could rock a slogan tee this side of 25, I decided to swap into my patent boots. The added height and fierce point gave me the edge I needed to walk a little bit prouder, and my tailored coat finished the look off nicely. I felt smart and on trend, yet outrageously comfortable.

slogan sweater slogan sweater slogan sweater slogan sweater slogan sweater

Sweater – H&M | Coat, Boots & Jeans – ASOS | Bag – Marks & Spencer

Do you think you’d ever rock the slogan trend?

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