5 travel products you never knew you needed

Last summer I wrote about the beauty bits I opt for when I’m travelling.

travel beauty products aveda travel beauty products aveda 5 travel beauty items

Yet, on reflection, this post centres more around the kind of bits you can take on a week or more’s holiday – you know, when it’s worth paying for hold luggage, as opposed to a 3-day city break. Today, I wanted to talk about some products I took to Copenhagen with me this summer, when I travelled hand luggage only, on two occasions. And how they quickly became five products, I didn’t even know I needed!

Enter, Aveda. The natural, eco-friendly brand. Lately, I’ve been getting to know them a little better via my local Aveda salon, Mawson & Company. Based in Winchester, the salon is one I’ve always admired from afar with it’s shelves of beautiful Aveda products lining the ground floor – the scent wafting out on occasion. They’re a lifestyle salon, which means they connect hair styling with wellness and the environment so it’s easy to see why they’re an Aveda salon. Mawson & Company knew I was travelling this summer and so provided me with some travel-sized products to take away and test. So, how did I get on?

travel beauty products aveda travel beauty products aveda

Shampure Dry Shampoo

Let’s start with a product that we all know, and I’m sure have used on occasion – Dry Shampoo. For some, a travel staple but Aveda’s Shampure isn’t dry shampoo as you know it! The non-aerosol bottle is the first tick in the travel box, avoiding any confusion at security over what you can and can’t take onboard. Next up, the standard size bottle is less than the carry-on 100ml, meaning you get to take your full product with you. But does it work? In a word, yes – the best dry shampoo I’ve come across to date. The non-aerosol technqiue of applying means much less product is used than with a standard spray bottle, avoiding a build up and the feeling of product. The natural, floral scent is right up my street and can subtly be smelt in the hair through the day. Absorbing excess oils and providing texture to second-day lifeless hair, Shampure was a god send for me!

Be Curly Co-Wash

Curly haired girls, listen up! This is a really unique product that when I was first told about, my ears pricked up. Day in, day out, I blowdry my hair, stretching out my natural waves to make it somewhat manageable. But on holiday, this isn’t always pratical, or what you want to spend your time doing! More so on hot holidays perhaps, but occasionally I do embrace my natural waves and let my hair dry in the elements. Co-Wash is a sulfate-free cleansing conditioner. You heard that right, conditioner. Curly girls will know, shampooing everyday can often lead to unruly frizz and overly slipperly locks. A dollop of Co-Wash in the shower keeps the scalp clean but the hair moisturised.

Daily Light Guard

I Instagrammed this product when I first began using it, showing how much I loved it from the off. Aveda’s New Daily Light Guard – Defense Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (phew!), is a defence against the elements. Perfect for a summer city break, this light fluid is worn on top of moisturiser but under make up, creating a natural barrier against the sun and polution. On some days in Copenhagen, we had brilliant sun and knowing I was well protected from it’s rays was so easy – just one small step in my morning routine. I couldn’t feel it at all, unlike a lot of other SPFs and it was so comfortable to wear under make up.

Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque

Another from the curl-friendly range, this mask was so dreamy to use, I couldn’t not include it! When travelling, my hair can take a battering as I’m away from home and not in my usual routine. This product, as with the others in the range, comes in the perfect travel size which did me two rounds for my shoulder length hair. This rich hair mask, used in the traditional way, not only injected much needed moisture into my locks but made for fuss-free styling when I got out the shower. No knots, which is unheard of with my hair, and helped to keep my natural curls wavy and smooth.

Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser

A bit of a wild card for a city break, but a product I wanted to try for everyone lucky enough to be getting a beach break this year! This product is from the Sun Care range and is a hair and body cleanser that safely removes chlorine, salt and other product build up (think SPF and aftersun). On holiday, I know I often suffer with chemical overload and my skin and scalp isn’t always that happy about it. With the usual Aveda scent that I love, this product includes oils so it keeps moisture levels where you want them to be, whilst thoroughly cleansing the skin.

These five products were unusual finds for me, and have definitely been added to my holiday-must haves for future trips. All are available under 100ml, meaning they’re perfect for hand luggage. Taking that little bit of luxury away on what can be hectic trips, is just the right level of indulgence for any beauty lover! You can find your local Aveda salon here.

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