how to dress like the danish

I think we’re all well aware by now, that living a little Danishly could do us all some good.

how to dress danish how to dress danish how to dress danish

And if you’re not, you needn’t look far. The wellness-driven (but oh so chilled) Scandi way of life is at peak trend right now, with style, interiors and lifestyle inspo at every turn. Having spent two weeks in Copenhagen this summer, and on every trip prior, I couldn’t help but be influenced by the Danish ways. It’s imposible not to be – it may well be that everywhere you turn is another Viking-esque blonde haired beauty (male and female, I add), or it may be their outrageously simple way of throwing together an outfit, but taking just the Danish style as a starter to aspire to, is all too easy.

So, how do you dress like the Danish?

Lets get things kicked off with the essence of all things Scandi – effortless. Relaxed, chilled – however you word it, the Danish women always look beautifully effortless. Whether it’s hair (loose around the shoulders, or in a rough top knot), make up (minimal with an emphasis on fresh skin and naturally lifted lashes) or attire, it’s casual and thrown together. Don’t take anything too seriously, or look too pristine.

So, your hair and make up is minimal and ‘naturally’ just-so (I mean, Danes need little assistance but mastering the no-makeup-makeup is key for us that weren’t born with beautiful blood). When it comes to getting dressed, it’s near on the same principle. I noticed during my time in CPH, that even for more formal events that we might dress up a little for, casual is still totally acceptable. Nike Free Runs to dinner? Why not? There’s no such thing as day-to-night transitions in Denmark, other than, anything goes. So try not to overthink what outfit works for what event and go for comfort. Comfort is key.

how to dress danish how to dress danish how to dress danish

Key items I noticed for Danish women were:

Skinny jeans (usually black, grey or leatherlook), ovesized tops in any format (tees, jumpers, jackets), roll neck jumpers, leather or suede jackets, cross body bags,

rucksacks, trainers/sneakers, ankle boots, scarves, jumpsuits, culottes. Lots of grey.

If you’ve ever been to Denmark, or any of the other Scandinavian countries, you’ll know how temperamental the weather can be. Having options and layers with you is vital, and even as a tourist, you learn this pretty sharp! In the first week of August this summer, we had 12 degrees and rain, followed by 29 and brilliant, sweltering sun, just 6 days later. Be prepared – I’m sure the saying in Denmark is something like…

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

So with the ever-present stylish Dane, cycling whimsically around the city (and right under my nose) in whatever outfit took their fancy, I couldn’t help but give it try. So I rummaged through my badly packed hand luggage, and came across a few items that made me feel that little bit more like a local. First up, my jumpsuit. A New Look sale bargain at the beginning of summer, this has been a total godsend. I cannot recommend you ladies a neutral, loose-legged jumpsuit enough. But of course, wearing it alone, as I would at home, is far from Danish. I mean, a jumpsuit is super effortless, right? (…unless you need a wee). But what could I add to make it that bit more Scandi? Of course, layering. I picked my best grey flecked tee, which is admittedly pretty old and out of shape (how perfect!) and slipped it underneath.

how to dress danish how to dress danish how to dress danish

Tee, jumpsuit & backpack – all New Look | Sunglasses – Rayban | Sandals – & Other Stories

Earlier this year, I invested in a black leather look rucksack and on breaks like this, it’s a dream. Two-strapping in the city, and on a bike, is the way forward and I felt every bit the Dane with my rain coat and water bottle stuffed inside. Like a true local. And on my feet? I’ll admit, in the day, I rocked my own version of sneakers in my cream Converse but then I got home and clocked my sisters dream & Other Stories black sandals…and in their slightly clumpy and oh-so-Danish style, the rest is history.

So what did I learn from dressing a bit Danishly?

Comfort is key

I’m high maintenance

The baggier the better

My hair will never, ever be effortless

Neutral tones go with everything

Not looking in the mirror when doing your hair or scarf provides a better outcome

The Danish are beautiful – no wonder they’re all so happy all the time.

This post was partly inspired by Helen Russell’s The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country. If you haven’t read it, I’d highly recommend it for a bit of a giggle and a really interesting look into a different way of life. I think we could all learn abit from it! Find it here on Amazon.

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