5 new beauty buys for summer 2016

I’ve had these photos stored on my computer for well over a month now.

Summer beauty 2016 Summer beauty 2016 Summer beauty 2016

There’s something so satisfying about photographing fresh products, and as soon as these all fell into my posession, I snapped them on a sunny day. That night, I dived in and began the trialling process for this blog post. Today, I wanted to talk about some new beauty launches for summer 2016, to conquer all manner of beauty woes for the warmer months.

Summer beauty 2016 Summer beauty 2016 Summer beauty 2016

HAIR – TIGI Totally Beachin’ Shampoo and Conditioner

A brand I know well from my teenage years, Tigi have launched a combo desgined for your summer holidays. A cleansing shampoo formula which is meant to get rid of unwanted sweat, salt and sand from your tresses, and an after-sun soothing conditioner – if you’re off on a beach holiday, this would be perfect pair to travel with. Sadly I’m not going away this summer, but as someone who struggles with greasy roots and dry ends, I’ve really found this  great combo. As always, the scent is divine and I’ve been using this bi-weekly as a nice treat.

SKIN – Elemis Hydra Boost Sensitive Day Cream

It’s no secret here on Katherine-Louise that I love Elemis. The brand can do no wrong in my eyes and I adore every product. When it comes to summer, and the inevitable heat and humidity, my skin tends to freak out. Keeping it cleansed is key, as well a making sure whatever I do wear is light, calming and natural. I knew the Elemis Hydra Boost Sensitive Day Cream would be a hit with me and it really is – perfect under make up, and as an oily skinned girl, it really is lovely and light. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which we all know is helpful when trying to retain moisture in the skin.

NAILS – Orly Pacific Coast Highway Collection

As someone who feels a certain affiliation with the USA and it’s beautiful West Coast, I was instantly drawn in by the name of Orly’s summer 2016 collection. I have three shades, Summer Sunset – a tangerine orange, Put The Top Down – a neon pink, and my favourite – Scenic Route, a pastel purple. As someone who chips all the time, I always opt for higher end nail polish brands. Orly’s formula’s always last up to 5 days on me and the bright, summery range is really uplifting (even when it’s raining…).

HAIR REMOVAL – Bic Soleil Bella Razors

Glam? No. But a necessity we all struggle with. As a dark haired girl, I sit somewhere in the middle with hair removal. I’m not someone who overly suffers, yet I do need to pay attention to my hair removal routine as summer creeps in. Every year I try out the latest in semi-disposable razors from the highstreet and am never disappointed. This year, Bic has impressed me with their Soleil Bella range which boasts 4 spring-mounted blades, a pivoting head and an extra wide lubrication strip. As someone with sensitive skin, the right razor is a must. A definite yes if you’re looking for something new to try!

FEET – Bomb Cosmetics Foot Scrub and Lotion

Equally as un-glam as removing unwanted body hair is sorting out your feet during summer. I’ll admit, I’m usully one for ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – pop a slick of polish on my toes and be done with it. But just recently, I was sat at home barefoot and I realised how, quite frankly, revolting, my feet were. Dry skin, cracked heels. I’ve been using Bomb Cosmetics Dr Foot Refreshing Foot Scrub once a week before massaging in some Tippy Toe Revitalising Foot Lotion and popping on some thick socks. Despite both products looking good enough to eat, I’ve not only seen an improvement but have enjoyed making the time to do something nice for myself!

These five products have really given me an uplift, despite staying at home this summer. I’m running a giveaway on my Instagram to win the three Orly polishes I mentioned (new ones, don’t worry!) so head on over there to see how you can win them!

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