how to make new friends as an adult

We all have them, the friends by default. how to make friends how to make friends how to make friends how to make friends

And that’s by no means a negative comment – I simply mean friends that you didn’t choose. Ones you made before you even knew who you were as a person, and what you’d want from them – friends you made in your formative years, before the word ‘friend’ even meant anything to you, beyond who to share your pic’n’mix with at breaktime. Some people carry these friends with them for life, and they’re everything they could ever want or need from a platonic relationship. And others waiver, friendships fizzle out, people change their priorities and life moves on. More commonly than we realise, our friendship circles close in the older we get and I know more than a few people who have looked up one day and realised they only have one or two true friends in life. Again, not a negative and something many people are content with – quality over quantity and all that. But others want to broaden their social horizons, and increasingly, that gets harder the older you get. So how can you make new friends as an adult?

Take opportunities

The most obvious way I’ve made friends over the years is to take opportunities that arise – whether that’s a work social or joining someone as a plus one to an event they invite you to. I’ve tagged along on my besties work night out before and made a couple of new friends along the way. Work is a great chance to meet new people too, and as someone who has her own office tucked away, I know how hard it is to push yourself out there and be sociable. But going to organised events, or showing your face at the Friday night pub trip once in a while opens you up and shows you’re approachable.

Go digital

We’re all too quick to moan these days about how the digital age is affecting our social lives, but why not use it to extend your friendship group rather than squirrel away scrolling Instagram? Apps needn’t just be for dating – there’s a few out there that hook you up with likeminded people, to hang out with and be friends. Badoo for example, won’t give out your exact location but knows who’s nearby with similar interests to you. I imagine this is great for people who have moved abroad too, and is a safe for women to use due to it’s photo verification, so you can choose to chat with people that are photo verified, which requires users to copy a series of gestures so the app knows you are who you say you are. Clever hey?

Comfort zone

This goes hand in hand with taking opportunities but really pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is key when you haven’t got the ease of playground or halls of residence at hand. Join a running club or do Park Run, take up a new team-based hobby or attend something you’d usually turn down. You never know who you might be meet!

Learn something new

Taking a course is a great way to meet new people – I did it a few years back and met some fab girls. Find something that interests you, so it’s worthwhile, and with any luck, someone with the same interest will be there too! And take the opportunities that arise from that – a post class drink won’t hurt anyone and could open all kinds of doors.

Reignite old friendships

Got that old workmate who you see once a year for a coffee? Make more time for them! You never know – they might invite you to their birthday meal next month, where you can meet their friends and widen that social circle.

Do you have any tips for making friends as you get older?

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