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To throw caution to the wind, by definition, means to act in an entirely reckless way.

styling pink skirt styling pink skirt styling pink skirt styling pink skirt

I’m writing this on Sunday evening past, having just arrived home from 36 hours in Cambridge. Back in March, I won a competition with Olympus – a nights stay at Hotel Du Vin and dinner at the highly commended Hole in the Wall. We agreed we’d book it in for the summer, so the weather was good enough to really enjoy what I remember to be a beautiful part of the world. July 23rd rolled around, and we packed a small bag to head north-east towards Cambridgeshire.

Although our hotel and dinner were paid for, we knew taking the trip would cost us some money – fuel, breakfast, lunch, an ice cream or Pimms on the river. Trying to keep tabs on our spending this month in order to have some money left to enjoy this weekend, we totally failed. The last week of July came around and we were, as usual, left with just a handful of pounds to see us through to payday. And do you know what? For once, without sitting down to painstakingly check our bank balances, we threw caution to the wind and just went with it. We don’t have a summer holiday booked – the sunbathing relaxing type anyway. We’d been really looking forward to a fun day or two and decided that our lack of funds wasn’t going to stop us enjoying ourselves. Hands up, we’ve got a credit card and we used what we did have left to do exactly what we wanted to do. styling pink skirt styling pink skirt styling pink skirt styling pink skirt

Cami – Topshop | Skirt – New Look | Hat – H&M | Sandals -ASOS | Bag – Marks & Spencer

In the interest of enjoying ourselves, I didn’t snap my way around the city. We took a whole bunch of recommendations from other blogs and bloggers, and I would definitely love to return to create some content about a city that actually really captured me. But like I say, this weekend was about Sam and I enjoying some time just us, eating good food, catching some rare Pokemon up with each other and soaking up the summer sun. I haven’t visited Cambridge since I was around 12 years old, so I had no real recollection of the city. As I’m sure I’ve mentionned before, Sam and I both studied History at university, so visiting historic cities like Cambridge are really interesting to us. Not only is the city beautiful, it’s full of culture and diversity. We ate some great food (all linked below), walked along the river and although we sadly missed out on punting due to the insane waiting times, we fully absorbed what the riverside city had to offer. The university is nothing short of amazing and I loved the quaintness of what is actually a pretty big place. Although we didn’t shop as such, I noticed the range of stores was vast and I’d love to head back for a girls weekend.

In true blogger style however, I couldn’t not make the most of the 9am empty streets and we decided we could give Katherine-Louise just 10 minutes of our time on our way to breakfast – it was a post on this very blog that got us the trip away in the first place! You may have spotted this skirt in this post – a bargain sale buy and one that I’ve worn loads since I picked it up. It’s modest enough for everyday (I can’t stand anything too short), and of course, my new straw hat hasn’t left my head since I bought it. I never thought I’d get so much wear out of it but I love how it really pulls such a basic look together (H&M have got an amazing range in the sale at the moment!). I would usually feel pretty conscious in something like a sun hat, but I’ve really enjoyed wearing it lately! Sadly, my quest for some black sandals has failed so I was stuck with my tan pair which I’ll admit, doesn’t finish the look off so well, but in the interest of being real… If you’re nervous to try a summer hat, start small. The fedora is understated and not overwhelming like a big floppy wide brim. I also opted for a black ribbon around it, so I could tie it in with basic, neutral outfits. Another tip is make sure it fits well! Mine is a Medium and sits securely, but not tightly on my head. The feeling that it might blow off at any time isn’t going to help if you’re anxious to try a hat out for the first time!

styling pink skirt styling pink skirt styling pink skirt styling pink skirt

I’d completely recommend Cambridge and the surrounding countryside if you’re ever in that part of the UK – I can’t wait to go back and try a few other places we spotted to eat and drink!

Some recommendations for where to eat in and around Cambridge

Bread & Meat – Hearty, American-esque sandwiches.

CrepeAffaire – Crepes galore – we had breakfast here and it’s really resonably priced. Good iced coffee too!

6 Ice Cream – This had come highly recommended to us and was worth the queue! Dreamy Italian style ice cream.

Hole In The Wall – Just outside the city in Little Wilbraham, we had the tasting menu which was a cool experience!

Run by a Masterchef finalist, it seems to be very highly thought of and in a lovely rural setting.

Shop some of my favourite summer looks below


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