3 ways to have fun for cheap this summer

As a lot of us in our twenties, Sam and I are far from flush.

relaxing at beach relaxing at beach relaxing at beach

 Buying your first house is never going to leave you with duckets to spend, and if it does, then you’re incredibly lucky. We all know the struggles that getting on the property ladder brings young people these days and it’s no secret on this blog that we’re not the richest pair. In fact, recently I’ve been working on what my blog’s niche is, and I would almost say that living your best life without breaking the bank is possibly it. But we have a nice house, in a good area, two running cars, wifi, TV, food and (just) enough money to socialise from month to month. Things can sometimes seem tight, but those things tend to be lifes luxuries – hen dos and holidays mostly. We’re far from broke.

Saying that, keeping our spending in check is important so we can achieve our bigger goals, like weekends away or enjoying friends weddings. We’re both pretty savvy with what we do spend on pleasure. I wrote before about appreciating the little things in life, and this post is really an extension of that. As we come into the high summer weeks, having fun on the cheap has never been so easy.

relaxing at beach relaxing at beach

Stay home

This weekend, we hosted our first get together of the summer. Seven friends, the BBQ and a few ciders – it cost us little extra than our normal weekly shop and we had a great time. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, or even balcony, hosting is a cheap way to enjoy time with your friends. I think people often worry about inviting guests over, in fear of the preparation and money that could potentially go into it, but with your good friends, you can be honest and ask them to bring something. Most people expect to – whether it’s a bottle or a packet of sausages. Then as the hosts, you can provide the basics – bread rolls, salad, condiments, which cost so little. There’s no need to go out for expensive meals when the weather is so beautiful!

Utilise your surroundings

I’ll admit, we’re very lucky to live just 30 minutes from the south coast. With a handful of waterside spots to choose from, we’re pretty spoilt. On Sunday evening, after a lazy afternoon at home, we decided to jump in the car and enjoy an early evening visit to the beach. One portion of fish and chips later, we’d spent just £6 on what was a really lovely evening. A blanket was all we needed! We don’t often make the effort to do these kinds of things, and we really need to do them more. In fact, we live right by a huge park so tonight is girls picnic! Making the most of your surroundings is so key to saving money on hot summers days, and exploring areas you haven’t been to before can be just as fun. I’m sure you can think of at least five places nearby that you haven’t visited before and really should! Just a walk in the park with an ice cream or a glass of cider by the river can be so much fun, for less than £5.

Take advantage of local events

Lately, I’ve become addicted to our local ‘What’s On’ website. Hear me out! I spent 5 minutes jotting down some local events that sounded interesting a month or two ago, and we’ve recently ventured to them when we’ve had a quiet afternoon. When we might normally head out for lunch or shopping, we’ve swapped it for a village fete or beer festival, which not only is way more fun, but can cost next to nothing. Myself and friend go to a local village fair every year which is free to attend and we just enjoy a Pimms in the sun, admiring all the pooches and country fashion. One of my favourite activities every summer and so inexpensive!

Do you have any other tips for saving money on fun this summer?

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