feta & black bean burgers

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with dinners, right?

clean bean burger recipe clean bean burger recipe clean bean burger recipe

We have a boring rotation in our house that I swear only consists of lasagne, chicken or sausages with the occasional salad thrown in on warmer, lazier days. A couple of weeks ago, with my efficient head on, I finally picked up one of the healthy-eats recipe books that lines the shelves in my living room. I was looking for a recipe friends of ours had recommended – they’re both vegetarian, and told us we had to try the Hemsley Hemsley Feta & Black Bean Burgers. I’ll admit, alot of these books frighten me. I’ve got my fair share – Deliciously Ella, Madeline Shaw and as much they’re great to browse and enjoy the stunning food photography, I can never get to grips with the unrealistic (and quite frankly, exspensive) ingredients needed to create so many of the recipes.

clean bean burger recipe clean bean burger recipe clean bean burger recipe

The Feta & Black Bean Burgers however, looked just that bit simpler than most things in the book, and I headed to the supermarket for the bits we didn’t have. Granted, I went to two shops before I could find black beans but other than the chestnut flour, most of the ingredients were things I’d heard of, and could get hold of easily. I followed the recipe, substituting the chestnut flour for plain (a ‘non-clean’ amateur faux pas perhaps, but they tasted fine) and skipping the jalapenos for flaked chillis. I found the recipe pretty simple (although a bit messy!) and cooked up some sweet potato alongside. When cooked and ready to eat, the bean burgers were crunchy on the outside and soft inside – just how I expected them to be. Although they tasted like they needed a little extra kick, perhaps from the jalapenos I skipped, I really enjoyed them. It felt good to be eating some good, wholesome, non-meat ingredients and there was plenty left for lunch the next day with salad!

You can find the full recipe here or buy the book below!

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