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This week, I took the initiative to book something a little bit different for my family. We live on the south coast, and most summers venture to the beach for the odd walk or picnic. We’re forever admiring other’s beach huts and commenting on how lovely a summer in one would be. So on Wednesday, I booked us one! Just for the day, but for under £40 for 13 hours of use (it’s just a day hut, no sleepovers), I thought it was not only a bargain, but a bit of a different day out!

beach day essentials beach day essentials beach day essentials beach day essentials beach day essentials

We all know the temperamental weather we have in the UK, and after a fortnight of amazing sunshine, the forecast for Wednesday turned to rain. Typical but no surprise! Anything you do outside in England has to be approached with caution and of course, we weren’t deterred. It’s all about being prepared! We packed up the car and hit the road, the boot full of treats for the day. The coast is about 30 minutes from us but I think if you’re planning to spend the day there, you can definitely travel further! Luckily the weather turned out great, but what did we take with us to make sure our British beachday was a hit?

British Beach Day Essentials

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Obvious, right? We were super ogranised and tried to take some healthy substitutes with us. There were 5 of us so we needed plenty of grub to last us all day. You can never have too much food as most of it can be used up afterwards. Just don’t forget the cutlery or plates!


A downer, but a sad must in England. Even if it’s just to run from the car. It also doubles up as a parasol if the sun shows it’s face.

A base

I know not everyone will have a beach hut to head to, but a good base for the day is a must. Somewhere you know will have the ameneties you need (like a toilet for Nan or an ice cream shop for me the kids). And if these aren’t available, make sure you know upfront so you can be prepared!

Sun protection

It does happen and I swear some of the worst sunburns happens at home! When the sun does shine, you’ll want your sunnies for sure. I’m forever forgetting mine! I’ve recently picked myself up a straw hat too which I styled up in my last post, which I’ll admit is mostly for fashion but it’s actually quite nice to know I’m protecting my head, which is prone to getting burnt. And SPF! Obvious, but a must.


It’s not often you can trust the forecast and it’s always cooler on the coast. I’ll always take a jumper with me no matter what the weather man says. When we visited the beach the other week, the temperature dropped by nearly 7 degrees on the coast!


For both picnic use and for wrapping up in! A spare blanket will always be used.


It’s a nice idea to take some ciders or fizz with you to spice up the picnic, but dehydration is real girls and boys. When you’re away from your natural environment, you can easily forget to drink up so bottled water makes it easy.


We’re are Brits afterall. And actually, tea isn’t my thing. Coffee on the otherhand…and a flask will keep it both hot and cold. So if iced coffee is your jam and an early start inevitable, throw some in! (Or make sure there’s a great coffee spot nearby).

Reading material

There’s a real chance there’ll be bad signal at the beach, and also a real chance some relaxation might actually occur! Take a book, sit back and enjoy it. Pretend you’re on a proper holiday.


For the men or the kids, who can’t always endure 8 hours of quiet reading. Games, cards, Scatch (remember that beauty?) – something to do if its sunny or cooler, that’ll keep them quiet.

Toilet roll & a rubbish bag

For post picnic crumbs or public toilet usage, both will always come in handy.

beach day essentials beach day essentials beach day essentials

Jumpsuit – New Look | Hat – H&M | Sunglasses – Rayban

We had a great day eating too much, strolling up and down the quay and soaking in the warmth. This beach is Avon Beach/Mudeford Quay between Southampton and Bournemouth and we hired our beach hut from www.beach-huts.com – definitely worth a look! I wore my new culotte jumpsuit for the occasion and it couldn’t have been more comfortable. I defnitely need some more in this style!

Shop some of my favourite stripe jumpsuits below!

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