styling the wide leg jumpsuit

I dabbled in my first jumpsuit earlier this year.

  wide leg jumpsuit wide leg jumpsuit Collage2

For a friend’s weddng – a taliored navy number, with an exposed back. I picked it up in the ASOS sale and was amazed by it’s perfect fit. At six foot tall, finding an all-in-one isn’t an easy task for me – I’ve got myself stuck one too many times trying to wrestle my long body into something jumpsuit shaped, so I picked this particular navy one out from the Tall range. Perfect in the body, and actually an inch too long in the legs – I learnt my lesson that the normal range wouldn’t cut it for me when it came to jumpsuits.

   wide leg jumpsuit wide leg jumpsuit wide leg jumpsuit

That was until last week, when browsing the shops on a hungover Sunday I clocked something that caught my eye. Looking nothing short of enormous on the hanger, the wide leg jumpsuit in today’s post winked at me – it looked so long, excessively in fact and without hesitation, I was in the changing room giving it a whirl. With a wide leg jumpsuit, length is more key than with a tailored, slim leg. I had yet to find something that came up trumps in the leg-length department, and little did I expect it to come from the standard range in H&M. The unique pattern looked much more expensive than H&M, with parts of the jumpsuit lined and made from the sort of fabric that sweeps over your curves. For me, the waist tie and V neckline were sellers – flattering and allowed for some shape to be created at my waist. The jumpsuit slipped on like a dream, no clinging or bulging, cinching me in, and giving a comfortable, effortless look – sold!

  collage1 wide leg jumpsuit  wide leg jumpsuit

When I got it home, it barely needed styling. I already knew – my vintage leather clutch and black heels were all it needed. A a statement piece in both pattern and shape, the jumpsuit didn’t require anything more. Comfort levels were second to none, with no unusual underwear requirements. I felt glamorous but effortless, and am currently mulling over which event to wear this too later this summer. It turns out patience is a virtue, and biding my time meant stumbling across a real hidden gem!

Jumpsuit – H&M | Clutch – Vintage Harrods | Heels – BHS

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