a simple summer salad

I toyed with today’s post. Afterall, we all know how to make a salad, right?

summer salad summer salad summer salad summer salad

But that’s just it – I didn’t! Salad for me always consisted off iceberg lettuce, cucumber and maybe a cherry tomato or two. And it never, ever filled me up. This post could probably be called “How I learnt to love salad” – what I used to think of as the dullest, least appetising meal on the planet, is now a spring/summer favourite.

We had this just last night and we sat outside in the (freakishly) warm weather to enjoy it. It was just right – enough, but light and tasty. For me, it starts with finding your green(s) of choice. I’m a spinach lover, and use that as the base for my salads. A lot of people love rocket, or you might just be a crispy, iceberg kinda girl. Whatever works for you. I’m also a huge cucumber lover so I’ll always throw some in – and you can add whatever veg you fancy here.

summer salad summer salad summer salad summer salad

Once the base is laid, it’s time to pad it out, and this is where I want carbs and protein to fill me up. I’m a sweet potato junkie, so roasting some cubes in paprika is my favourite. These taste great cold too, so perfect if you’re prepping up front. I love nothing more than BBQ-ed chicken but I actually grilled these as Sam was late home. I just got some standard breast and popped some garlic and herbs onto them. You can do whatever you want with your meat of choice – I think this would work fab with steak strips too!

For the dressing, I made a balsamic and mango option. A whole mango, blasted in the food processor with a dash of olive oil, some balsamic vinegar and chopped rocket. The less vinegar you use, the sweeter it’ll be! You could also create a mango salsa instead of a dresssing – I just like something to add some moisture to my salads. And that’s it –  a simple summer salad, that fills you up and gets some greens down you. I hope you try it!

summer salad summer salad

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