raspberry frozen yogurt chunks

I usually like to mix my categories up here on Katherine-Louise, but today, I just couldn’t wait.

frozen yogurt with raspberry frozen yogurt with raspberry frozen yogurt with raspberry

That’s right – raspberry frozen yogurt chunks people. I saw something similar to this on Instagram and thought it seemed like the easiest thing ever. I’m a huge fro-yo fan, and the idea of having something like that to munch on at home sounded ideal. There’s very little to this – I got a large tub of vanilla yoghurt, spread it out on a lined baking tray, dropped some raspberries into it and left it in the freezer. When I broke off the first chunk, it was a delish as it looks!

frozen yogurt with raspberry frozen yogurt with raspberry

You can totally do this with different types of yogurt – plain, low fat perhaps, or other fruit flavours. And of course, other fruits – I’m just a fan of the frozen raspberry. There’s little else to say with this, other than a little tupperware of these in the freezer is the dreamist summer snack! Hope you give it a whirl.

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