pre-wedding beauty prep

This year, I’ve got five weddings to attend.

pre wedding prep pre wedding prep pre wedding prep

I’m two down, having had one in March and one in May. And now for a break (my kidneys and bank balance are thanking me), before the late summer ones begin. As for any big event, I always require some beauty prep. I’m not one to really keep up with things like hair removal, nails and fake tanning day in day out (I know I’m not alone), so getting ready to look my best and bare some flesh, takes a bit of thought.


If we start from the top down, let’s begin with hair. Day to day I opt for whichever drugstore conditioner I fancy, but for special occasions I like to ramp things up a bit. A moisture injection is vital for my locks and to get them bouncy with a glint of shine, Bleach London Reincarnation Mask gets it exactly how I want it. A heavy duty conditioner that repairs and nourishes my heat-abused tresses, it’s something you’ll want to save for special occasions. Saying that, it’s only £6 from Boots or online so if you’re hair is truly bleach-battered, you can definitely use it more regularly.


As a make up artist, I know the value of hydrated skin. To avoid cakey or dried out make up, on what will inevitably be a long day, making sure your skin is suitably prepped is key. For me, there is nothing better for this than a sheet mask. I have a love for the Sephora choices, which I get in the Copenhagen when I visit or the US. There’s a huge range for what you’re looking to fix (for a bargain price), but ultimately this type of fibre mask creates a base that no other can rival. Bright, dewy, bouncy skin that holds make up well. I tend to use it the night before, or first thing in the morning and let the excess product really settle into the skin before I start on my base make up. If you’ve been umming and ahhing about these, pick one up! You won’t regret it.

pre wedding prep pre wedding prep pre wedding prep


This one, I’ll admit – not so glamorous. But in the interest of being real, I’ve got dark hair. Although I don’t suffer too badly with excess body hair, I do get the unsightly dark marks some people get under their arms from shaving. Recently, I discovered this little gem from Dove in my Cohorted Beauty Box. The Dove True Tone Underarm Mark Mark Eraser is a cream product that’s applied to clean, dry skin at night. Applied each night, it is designed to reduce the visibility of the dark marks some of us get from shaving. At £10.99 for 30ml, it’s not huge so I’ve been using it sparingly but in the week running up to the last wedding I attended, I used it every night before bed. I definitely noticed a slightly reduction and am hoping with prolonged use it could be even better!


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m the ultimate nail-chipper. Although going for a manicure is lovely, I always get saddened when inevitably, a day later, it’s chipped. For me, before a big event, it’s got to be shellac nails. I know alot of people have experienced shellac, and of course, it has it downfalls once removed, but for an occasion, event or holiday, there’s nothing better for me. This is something I’ll always make time for and if done well, can last me up to three weeks. I recently got my own at-home kit which is perfect for my toenails too!


And lastly, a bit of bronze. In the absence of a natural tan, I’ll always slot in a quick layer of Cocoa Brown the night before the big day. Just a subtle hint of warmth makes me feel so much better getting my legs and arms out, and usually compliments my outfit better – if I’m opting for a pale outfit especially! Cocoa Brown is my tan of choice and I love the dark mousse formula for something even and long lasting.

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