how to nail the boho trend

Since I started developing my own sense of style, I’ve always leaned towards the boho trend.

how to dress boho how to dress boho how to dress boho

Something I’ve seen come round every couple of years since I was becoming a fashion-conscious teen, the trend pays tribute to decades past – and as a self confessed 70s obsessive, I love injecting that vibe into my style. My holidaywear is where I find this trend the easiest to fit – bell sleeved playsuits and long sleeved maxis, ripped denim and overflowing sheer tops are the name of the game. But in everyday life, in rural Hampshire for example, it’s a slightly different story. I’m not one to shy away from what I want to do or wear because of what others think (hell, I document my life on the interwebs), but sometimes I just don’t want to go full-on Woodstock. On your average errand-running Saturday, something simple, casual with just a little nod to Glastonbury summers past will suffice.

I picked this top up back in March. I actually planned to take it to France with me over Easter, oh how optimistic. When the early April forecast turned nasty, I swapped it for a jumper and thankfully over the beautiful weekend we just had, I was able to pull it out. I received a fair few compliments, some of which were to say how they would never have thought something like that could look so nice. I don’t see the surprise myself, I love anything loose with billowing sleeves and rustic embroidery. I’ll admit, the tassel tie threw me, but I got used to it’s many options.

how to dress boho how to dress boho how to dress boho

Teamed with my highwaisted vintage-look jeans and tie sandals, it was the easiest spring look. Tucked in for a more put together vibe, or flowing free, I love how this super simple look comes across so thought out, yet is so wonderfully comfortable and ‘me’. Injecting the tiniest touch of boho into my plain jeans and flats combo felt good – next time, I might even risk it with my milkmaid braids! The boho look is everywhere this year, much like every summer, and I’ll definitely be selecting a few more pieces before the season is out.

You’ll find all the items in this post linked below in my new ‘shop this post’ widget – go and take a look!

how to dress boho how to dress boho

Top – Matalan | Jeans & Sandals – ASOS | Bag – Vintage | Sunglasses – Next (old)

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