5 ways to bring spring into your home

There’s no denying, spring has sprung in England.

how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home

Granted, our climate is pretty temperamental and the last 6 or 7 days of sunshine may soon disappear. But encouraging positivity and a springtime vibe in and around the home can only lead to good things, right? I’ve been bringing spring into the house and garden gradually over the last few weeks and today I wanted to share how exactly I’ve achieved that. Our little house feels so lovely and fresh lately, I’m loving the bright colours whilst enjoying a coffee in the spring sun. Oh and if you like the look of anything in my photos, I’ve now got myself a ‘shop this post’ widget. Just scroll to the bottom to click straight through! So how can you bring spring into your home?

Fresh flowers

Let’s start with the obvious – fresh flowers always make me feel spring-like. I naturally buy more when the warmer months arrive, and displaying them in my new yellow Habitat vase is the perfect pairing. I’ve always been a fan of more neutral shades when it comes to flowers, but for spring, anything goes!

Spring plants

I’ve always been a garden person – the first sign of the sun and I’m out there, soaking it up. As we reach our cars via our back garden, we walk up and down the garden path multiple times a day. Adding fresh plants each spring, replacing the ones that didn’t survive the winter, adds a new lease of life to the garden. We’ve already had a beautiful display of red tulips, and now our lavender, gypsophilia and hydrangeas are flourishing!

how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home

Go iced

When spring comes around, I love making iced drinks. Sam likes iced tea, peach to be specific, and my option is a creamy latte. I make up some black coffee, let it cool then add milk and ice cubes. Super simple but such a nice springtime treat!

Colourful crocks

For my birthday, my Mum picked me up two gorgeous new mugs (as well as my new vase!). In a geometric yellow pattern, they are seriously giving me life right now. They’re so fresh and inviting, my morning coffee has been tasting extra good!

Soft furnishing refresh

These cushions caught my eye a few months back when Matalan first brough their SS16 range out. As we’ve got neutral white bed linen, I can mix and match the cushions however I please. Bringing these brightly coloured accents into the room really makes the bedroom a sunny haven after work.

how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home how to bring spring into your home

How do you bring spring into your home?

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