is blogging narcissistic?

I wrote just a week or so ago about what goes into creating a blog post.

is blogging narcissistic is blogging narcissistic is blogging narcissistic

I touched briefly on the kind of comments I’ve received over the years, about it being an easy way to get ‘freebies’ or heard those who do it full time be told, it’s not a ‘real job’. But I’ve never had the courage to write about the other side of how blogging is perceived, and the comments I’ve had even more often than the above.

Blogging for me is a creative outlet. I’ve always been a keen photographer – I had my own digital camera at around 14, and took photos of our parties at school. I went on to study it, and it’s always been a hobby. Writing a blog is an outlet for this – coupled with my enjoyment of writing and my interest in things that most females my age are (eating out, travelling, fashion, beauty), it’s the perfect opportunity for me to do something I enjoy. I like creating content – it’s an enjoyable hobby for me. And so when people around me are disrespectful of it, I feel hurt. My biggest bugbear is, I don’t criticise other people’s hobbies, I’m sure of it. I don’t understand alot of things people do, but I do understand the enjoyment they get from it. I can see they like doing it, and at 28 years old, I know how to live and let live.

Sadly, alot of people perceive blogging as narcissistic. And for some, it might well be that, but an excessive interest in myself is certainly not my game. Even style bloggers, who post themselves daily online – posing, looking glamourous in gorgeous fashion, I don’t deem to be self indulged. If that’s your game, do it, and of course, you’re going to want to look your best. We’re only human. Don’t get me wrong, asking someone to take photos of you for your blog can be the ultimate cringe – but I like to think the people who I ask, my friends and family, support what I do. In fact, I’d go to far as say some people understand what I do and what I get from it – enjoyment, satisfaction and who knows, maybe sometimes a financial return.

is blogging narcissistic is blogging narcissistic

Someone said recently, “I don’t read blogs anymore. I already feel bad enough about my own life”. This really struck a chord with me. There is never an intention to create that feeling for readers. As I always say, I write my blog to inspire, inform or for pure escapism – like any medium. I want to share things I’ve discovered – whether it’s a bargain top from H&M to rival Topshop’s £45 version, a new juice recipe, a weekend in the West Country, in a hope others will find enjoyment from reading and perhaps inspiration themselves. I like to think the audience my blog is aimed at is educated enough these days to understand the media. We’ve grown up with TV, magazines and the internet in some form or other. Some say blogs and social media are highlights of people’s lives, and to an extent they are. But I’ve never hidden that – I even wrote about my Instagram tips here, detailing how yes, I do shoot onto floorboard samples because, no I don’t live in a Insta-perfect house. This is about creating a styled aesethic, not tricking the follower. I enjoy creating beautiful images and my question is, when someone reads a food magazine, where a whole team of set stylists have painstakingly spent hours curating the photos (using red lipstick to create extra-rougey strawberries – true story) – are they judged in the same way as someone who does it themselves – who isn’t necessarily a ‘professional’? If anything, bloggers should be praised for being a one man band who plan, shoot, edit, write, publish and share all by themselves (except the odd hand from the Instagram Husbands along the way).

Stopping what I do and enjoy, isn’t an option. I’m old enough to understand how to get what you want from life, but educating others of my intentions is something I can’t and won’t shy away from. I’m a lesson teacher afterall, just ask Lizzie! I just think a sprinkling of respect, a want to understand and an optimistic view of people’s intentions is all that’s needed. We’re not out to self-indulge, it’s just something I find enjoyment in.

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