my first dupe bag

I often think that the designer handbag has never had such a time, more so than now.

chloe faye dupe chloe faye dupe

Jacket – Dorothy Perkins | Shirt – Matalan

Perhaps its my involvement and interest in the fashion blogging community, or an infiltration into the mainstream, but over the past year or two I’ve really become to recognise the ‘it’ bag of the season and particular trends in bags. In my early twenties, friends began buying their first branded bags, namely Mulberrys. I didn’t get anything of the sort (not through lack of wanting I add) until last year, when, at 27, I picked myself up a Rebecca Minkoff MAC. Still, at under £200, it’s not a patch on the kinds of bags I’ve been exposed to in recent years and makes me look back at my friends first purchases of Bayswaters for £600 fondly.

In the last year, Chloe has been the name on everyone’s lips. I remember the Chloe Paddington from my college days, everyone lusting after them and myself not being too interested (or deluded to think I’d have one at 17). Since then, I personally heard little about Chloe bags until the launch of the Faye and the Drew in the summer of 2015. The Faye caught my eye, due to its larger size, mixed fabrics and nod to the 70s. At £800+, I heard lots of rumblings of dupes at the time but these were mostly from sites where you would still drop over £100 and totally out of my league. I bided my time and waited for something similar to hit the highstreet.

chloe faye dupe chloe faye dupe chloe faye dupe

I anticipated Zara to come up with the goods, but it was actually Marks & Spencer Limited Edition that brought out the Faux Leather Ring Across Body Bag for a mere £35. Sadly no longer available, the bag came in a brown and black offering. I wasted no time in asking for it for my birthday and was lucky enough that my Mum took the instruction hint, receiving it in April. Since then, it’s become my weekend bag of choice. I often extend the strap for a cross-body look – perfect for city breaks, or shopping trips, or shorten the strap for a more styled, or sometimes evening look. The bag is roomy enough for purse, phone, camera and more, but not so large that I fill it with my usual nonsense.

chloe faye dupe chloe faye dupe chloe faye dupe

So how do I feel about owning a dupe? Honestly? I couldn’t care less. I’ve got the look of the bag I liked, for 3% of the price. It might be missing Chloe’s branding or the unique chain but I’d rather a similar looking bag that doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not, that an outright fake or copy. The way the fashion industry works means trends are infiltrated down from the catwalk to the highstreet for end users and everyday girls, like me. As someone who doesn’t flock to every new handbag style out there, I’m pleased I’ve got something I genuinely like for such a fraction of the price. I’d definitely buy a dupe bag again, and if anything, Imma stop saying dupe because that word drives me nuts…

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