8 things to stop spending your money on

Since moving into our house a year ago, I’ve become pretty savvy with money.

how to save money how to save money

I’m that friend who’s constantly lecturing others on the benefits of shopping in certain places, or how much they don’t need that new iPhone contract. But I like to think that my tips for saving money in certain ways has kept me in ASOS dresses and weekend city breaks for a reason – they work! So what could you be saving money on that you’ve not even thought about?

how to save money how to save money

Change where you weekly shop

Anyone who knows me will be laughing at this one. I might as well be Lidl’s brand ambassador! But if I tell you our weekly shop, for two of us, with all the extras (I’m talking fruit for juicing, chocolates, flowers, beers, Asti (ahem), whole chicken), costs us between £30-45 – and not only does that do us breakfast and dinners for the week, it does me for lunches too. Every other week, it’s even cheaper as we usually have meat or fish left over from the week before. We allocate £200 for shopping a month and always have some left over.

Avoid out of bundle charges

I pay £39 to Three a month for my phone contract and in that I get totally unlimited data. Like, no limits. I can stream Netflix at work if I want – and I never go out of tarrif. I can also use data abroad for free in most countries and although when I first signed up, £39 a month sounded like a lot (I’d come from £17 SIM only (which is another fab idea if you’re not bothered on having the latest phone)), I absolutely love that I know exactly how much money is going to be taken each month. No nasty surprises!

Skip the morning coffee

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going out for coffee. And probably once every couple of months, I do treat myself to a Costa before work. But getting a flat white every single morning on your way in, is costing you the best part of £50 a month. A £2.50 coffee (which is actually quite cheap compared to some people’s orders), five times a week equates to £12.50 a week. Four lots of that and we’re talking big money. That’s the coat you wanted from ASOS, or the flight to your next city break. Invest in a Tassimo and do it yourself!

Forget the fancy toiletries

For me, there’s some beauty bits I like to spend on. And others, I don’t. Shower gel for example, or shaving foam. Both of which are not a luxury to buy and so I’m always scanning the aisles of Savers or Superdrug for what’s on offer. The biggest bottle for a £1 suits me, and I tend to stock up – saving me a few pounds for when I want to try L’Oreal’s new shampoo!

Bottled water

This ones an oldie, but a goodie. And something I am guilty of! But if I say I get my bottled water from Lidl for 39p per 1.5litres, you might let me off? Buying small £1.20 Evian’s in Tesco is crazy. Don’t fall into the trap – take your own or pre-buy during your weekly shop!

Take lunch

I can’t even tell you how much money I save by not buying lunch at work. I take something with me everyday – yes it can be a drag but much like the coffees, £4 a day really adds up. This way, I can choose what I want, look forward to something different everyday and not drop £25 a week (or £100 a month!) on manky Tesco sandwiches.

Lose the cable TV

Freeview did me fine at Uni, and my £5 subscription to Netflix sorts me out now. Expensive TV subscriptions seem like a huge waste of money to me – espcially now we have all the catch up players and internet.

Try diesel

If you’re a driver, I can’t see why anyone would ever choose a petrol car. Since changing to diesel three years ago, I’ve not looked back. Nearly 600 miles for £50? Sold.

How do you save money?

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