how I’m finding juicing – 3 months on

You might remember back in January, I got myself a juicer.

juicing update juicing update juicing update

I wrote a beginners guide to juicing not long after, which you can find here, and I thought in today’s post I’d give you an update on how I’m finding it. Alot of people question the initial financial outlay when it comes to juicing and I figured a follow up post would be useful for a lot of you.

How often am I jucing now?

I work term time, and this means I get a week or two off work every seven weeks or so. I definitely find my juicing increases when I’m not at work – more time and less early starts mean I can take time in the mornings making a fresh fruit juice, or even a mid afternoon green juice for a boost. I try to have a juice at the weekends during term, but I’ll admit, my usage has gone down! I’m definitely not at the point where I’d say the juicer is redundant, as it gets a weekly use but I’m not using it 3/4 times a week like I was when I first purchased it.

Is it adding a big cost onto our weekly shop?

It depends on what time of the year it is – as I buy less items to juice when I’m at work. When it’s the holidays, it might add £5 a week onto the weekly shop but as we shop in Lidl, and their fruit/veg is mega cheap, it isn’t much at all. If you shop elsewhere, you might find it to be more. Extras I buy might be a big bag of apples, some oranges and an extra cucumber or bag of spinach in addition to my usual salad buys.

Have my tastes changed?

I’ll admit, the less juice I drink, the more I’m inclined to have purely fruit juices. Green juice is an acquired taste, and when I’m out of the ‘zone’, I not too fond of the taste. Adding ice really helps however and I think the warmer weather coming will definitely help my taste buds adjust back!

Have I noticed any health differences?

I’m going to say no to this one, except maybe a very slight glow to my skin, which could also be attributed to my water intake. I don’t think I drink enough juices for it to give me a real impact health wise but it helps me get some vitamins in me and that’s good enough!

I think you can see from this post that I’m still enjoying juicing, and have no regrets about buying my juicer! I knew that it was inevitable that the amount I used it would decrease when I was busy and increase when I had more time on my hands. I think it’s a fab addition to our kitchen and there’s nothing nicer than a Saturday morning juice with our breakfast. Roll on summer!

Find my juicer below!

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