the hotel for antique lovers

I didn’t think I’d end up writing a blog post about this hotel.

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The one we stayed in when in Metz at the beginning of the month, that is. I thought I’d round the trip up and mention a few great places to eat, drink, shop. But something about Hotel de la Cathedrale really caught my attention and I can’t help but want to tell you about it. Let’s start at the beginning, if you’re not up to date. We visited France in early April, heading to Paris and then onto the city of Metz, which is in the north-east of the country. As a city with so much history, it made perfect sense to sleep somewhere that represented the city and it’s unique past.

Hotel de la Cathedrale sits directly opposite St Etienne’s Cathedral – as you might expect. Our room looked directly out onto the cathedral and the streets surrounding. A 17th century townhouse, the hotel is fairly unassuming. A tall, linear building, it nestled comfortably between a few restaurants and shops, with a little green canopy marking it’s entrance. On entry into the tiled hallway, we were plunged into a gloomy, atmospheric darkness which brightened up as we approached the small reception desk. To our right, the breakfast room and bar, and in front of us, a grand staircase of red carpet and beautiful dark wood.

hotel metz france hotel metz france hotel metz france hotel metz france

Our room was on the top floor, and three flights later, we knew exactly what we were in for. As we ascended the stairs, I stopped at almost every step, to look at the everything from the paintings, to the carefully placed vintage suitcases, and my favourite – the glass walled courtyard. In fact, when we arrived, the most beautifully dressed, elderly French lady sat in her sunhat, enjoying a tea in the greenery. If my camera had been to hand! When we reached our room, twisting round the corrider to  the very front of the hotel, we were relieved to see it’s size. A small corridor which housed separate bathroom and toilet, opened up into a large room with a kingsize bed. The room was full of antique French furniture, from the wardrobe to bedside tables. Dumping our bags, we fell onto the bed to catch a few minutes rest – and yes, it was comfy!

I’m hoping my photographs get across the intrigue of Hotel de la Cathedrale. If you’re an antique lover, it’s a dream, peeking around corridors and I was in my element snapping away at all the unique finds. The perfect backdrop for photography, and something new to look at each time we went in or out – I wanted to take so many things home with me!

hotel metz france hotel metz france hotel metz france hotel metz france

We’d been told breakfast at Hotel de la Cathedrale was something special, and it didn’t disappoint. The freshly squeezed orange juice was the highlight, with tea or coffee delivered to you, followed by a selection of cereals, pastries, breads, meats, cheeses…not to mention the local cheesecake, which I was over the moon to find out was acceptable to eat for breakfast!

Our stay at Hotel de la Cathedrale was perfect for the vibe of the trip we were taking, where we spent the days learning about the city’s culture and history, and the evenings living it. In a great, central location, it felt good to get fully immersed into local life in a really gorgeous hotel. Highly recommended!

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