5 places to eat in Metz

The best part of any trip has to be the food.

places to eat in metz places to eat in metz places to eat in metz

As with all travel blog posts, I always find it useful to have some places to jot down before my own visit, and if my previous post inspired you enough to take a trip, here you’ll find a selection of places to eat in Metz.

Our first lunch in Metz occured in Cafe Ici. Located within 300 yards of our hotel, on the Rue de Faisan, it was filled with locals enjoying a week day lunch. A small menu of American style burgers and a plat du jour, it filled our empty bellies easily and at a reasonable price. Gathering some attention from locals as we tried to communicate with the first person in France we’d met who didn’t speak English, we left feeling welcomed to the city.

places to eat in metz places to eat in metz places to eat in metz

Our evening meal on day one was at the beautiful and highly recommended Restaurant El Theatris. On the Place de la Comédie, just a stones throw over the river from our hotel, the restaurant looks grandly over the fountain on the classical square. Named so due it’s location near the opera theatre, we enjoyed a really special meal of three courses – including mussels, charcuterie, crusted chicken and a local apple dessert. Trying both red and white wine from the region in a beautifully decorated setting, we ended our first day content!

One of my favourite meals in Metz was a lunch, where we enjoyed lamb with roasted vegetables and cous cous at Restaurant Romarin, located slightly outside of the city centre. Again, getting into the French swing of things with a local wine, we enjoyed an apple, banana and chocolate crumble for dessert – it’s like they knew I was coming!

places to eat in metz places to eat in metz places to eat in metz

That evening, after a busy day exploring, we were ready for a low key dinner. We were pointed in the direction of Restaurant L’Epicurien (an epicurean is a person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and drink – it sounded promising!). In the backstreets a little walk from the centre, feeling like a real hidden gem, L’Epicurien is run by a husband and wife duo. Jan, the restaurant’s English host, provided us with a warm welcome and invaluable knowledge of the area as well as the restaurant’s specialities. Sourcing local food, we enjoyed an aperitif (mine, a long drink made with rum and mirabelle plums), gave foie gras a try and tucked into mains of cod and guinea fowl with perfected dauphinoise potatoes. This really was fine dining and was a brilliant end to our trip – and that’s before we got to the chocolate pudding! A really unique experience, and a special treat.

places to eat in metz places to eat in metz

And finally, another must-do lunch recommendation – the famous Chez Mauricette in the covered market. For our final lunch, we enjoyed a lovely meal of charcuterie, local meat pie and breads before tucking into the tarte au fromage I’d been eyeing up all week. All the food at Chez Mauricette is locally sourced in the Lorraine region, and we met Madame Mauricette briefly for her to tell us about her delicacies. A relaxed atmosphere and for a low cost, visiting the covered market is a must!

And if you’re a keen foodie, and looking at Metz for a visit, try August for your trip – they hold their annual Mirabelle Festival which incorporates all sorts of local edible treats with music, fireworks and more. I’d love to see it one year!

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