3 things I’m no longer doing

As you grow older, your priorities in life change.

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People who know me in real life, will know that I’m always harping on about people and their priorities. Different scenarios that you find yourself in make you evaluate how you go about your life, and the people you intertwine with along the way. For me, somethings keep me awake at night for weeks, maybe even months, before snap – something comes along that makes the decision for me. I’ll turn a corner in my relationship with someone or something, and how I view it is suddenly totally different.

Today I wanted to talk about three things I’ve found I no longer do. All are a combination of conscious decisions and subconscious attitudes towards things in my life, but all result in a happier me and a more fulfiling lifestyle.

Prioritising those who don’t prioritise me

This is probably my main point – as I said, I bang on about this alot. In life, everyone has priorities. Whether its career over family, or holidays over food shopping (ahem), we all have to prioritise everyday of our lives. At work, and at home. Everyone has different priorities, but alot of us think along the same lines. I believe friends and family should come first, over work and money. Life is short and feeling content and happy is what it’s all about. So lately, I’ve made the decision to stop prioritising people in my life, who wouldn’t, and don’t, do the same for me. I’ll always be where I can, for friends and family, to squeeze people into my schedule even if it isn’t for long. To keep in touch, even if we can’t get together all that often. To be forthcoming and suggest things to do together, rather than sit back and wait for them to come to me. People who reciprocate this are those who prioritise me back, and those who fall into a black hole the second I stop making the effort, are the ones who don’t. Banishing those situations from my life mean I no longer have to feel unwanted or a chore – I can spend that extra time doing something I enjoy, or seeing the people who want to spend time with me.

Comparing myself

This point touches on so many aspects of my life. My blog, my career, my house, my financial situation, even the way I look. Everyone is guilty of it, and part of it is what makes the world go round, but I find sometimes, it gets too much. With blogging, there’s those who inspire and those who make you feel bad about your own content. Like above, taking myself away from this situation has really helped me develop my own style and agenda futher – by cutting my time on Instagram, Twitter and even blog reading. I read only my absolute favourites now, the ones who really push me to do better, and avoid others who I merely read to see what they were up to and if I was keeping up. This attitude can be mirrored in my career and financial life – something I’ve really learnt is to not discuss it, and this is the equivalent of cutting down my blog/Instagram/social media time. Although I’m a pretty rational person, everyone’s circumstances are different, and knowing that me and Sam are doing our own thing, our own way, without comparing it to everyone else, leads to a happier household!

Getting worked up over things I can easily change

Money worries are the worst. And feeling overweight doesn’t feel much better. These two aspects of life are things I’ve always worried about and I’m doing my utmost these days to banish them from my brain! Utimately, yes, I could change job or take a second one, or I could reign in what I eat and get my bum moving more. It’s my choice not to, and getting upset but not acting on it isn’t helping anyone. The amount of times I’ve got myself worked up, only to come to the realisation that the only person who can change it is me! Don’t moan if you’re not going to act.

Recognising certain things we should stop doing can be just as beneficial as doing things to improve our attitudes and lifestyle. Is there anything you need to stop doing?

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