28 things on my 28th birthday

Today, I turn 28.

28th birthday 28th birthday

I’ve always been a fan of even numbers, and there’s something about 28 that I find incredibly satisfying. 27 didn’t sit well with me, despite being a great year, so I’m more than happy to settle into 28. I can’t quite believe how close to 30 I am, or that I’m the age of the characters from Friends (when I was a kid, their 28-30 age group seemed so mature) but life is certainly good and today, I’m sharing 28 musings for my 28th year.

28th birthday 28th birthday

  1. I am actually very much on track. I have a career, a house, a car, a boyfriend of nearly 6 years. I even have a kitty.
  2. Not that material possessions should be any measurement of success. My happiness is what comes first, and always has done.
  3. I can completely recognise what a good year 27 was, and am pleased I realised at the time too. A lot of good quality travel and our first house.
  4. And I got Bee. It’s amazing how much happiness an animal can bring you. Meet Bee here, if you haven’t already.
  5. Although sadly, I don’t think 28 will be the year I get a pooch. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a little longer for that one (and for a bigger house!).
  6. My friendships changed in the last year, and during my 28th, I hope they keep evolving as they have been – honestly, positively, and supportively.
  7. And if I put it in writing, it’ll happen – 28 is THE year I get myself to California. A promise to myself!
  8. I’m channelling contentment during 28 – something we should all try to have more of. Read my musings on feeling happy here.
  9. 28 is the year I’ll really push myself to move my career forward.
  10. …and my blog. Since I got my head on straight and worked out where I was headed with it, I’ve been reaping the rewards. More of that in 28 please!
  11. I learnt to make the most of my time in the last year and hope to continue – early mornings actually make me really happy (something I never thought I’d say!).
  12. I want to drive abroad in my 28th year. I’m amazed I haven’t done it yet!
  13. This year, I want to bring more colour into my life. Monochrome just isn’t me 100% of the time. In the house, in my wardrobe…on my Insta -grid!
  14. I want to maintain my twice weekly blog posting, and maybe even increase it to three.
  15. And to work more with the amazing Natasha Jay who shot today’s photos. If you’re based on the south coast and are looking for a photographer, she’s your girl!
  16. Last year, I mastered the poached egg. This year I’m looking for something new to learn in the kitchen! Suggestions welcome.
  17. I wonder every year if it’ll be the year I embrace my naturally curly hair. So far, no luck. Is 28 the one?
  18. I don’t think I saw any live music in my 27th year. Let’s hope in my 28th I can fix that, big or small!
  19. Everyone says it, when they have a birthday or at new year, but I’m hoping this year I might get a bit more active. As the sun comes out, and the days warm up, I’m hoping to get out and about more.
  20. Be braver with my blog – approach local businesses, other bloggers and creatives and work together to produce content and imagery like I have today with Natasha.
  21. Bake more. I got good at cakes, and then I let it slide when we moved into our house with a tiny kitchen. This year, I want to master a new cake!
  22. Maybe 28 should be the year I stop having Nutella in my porridge every.single.day.
  23. And maybe it’ll be the year I learn to love gin? Every true adult drinks gin, right?
  24. Can 28 be the year I finally ditch my iPhone 5? PLEASE.
  25. Lizzie left me to travel for 6 months when I was 27. Luckily, she comes back when I’m 28!
  26. As a 28 year old, I hope I’ll finally start to follow the opticians advice and wear my glasss more, and lenses less.
  27. And hopefully I’ll be old and wise enough to know the above isn’t going to happen.
  28. And finally, for 28 to be even better than 27 was. Even if that means sticking with the straighteners, admitting my Nutella addiction and still spending my lunchbreaks hypothetically doggy shopping.
Happy 28 to me!

Photography by Natasha Jay

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