why do we never feel content?

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Never a truer word spoken (and not in jest). This post came to me whilst I sat eating a caramel slice, sipping a flat white (full fat – the only way). I tweeted merrily that I’d been whinging all week about gaining weight, yet here I was, giving in to yet another treat. A few replied with the same sentiments, and it made me realise how we’re never, never content.

18 months ago, I regularly sobbed over my impending late-twenties and my lack of income and how I still lived at home. How I loved being self employed, but financially it wasn’t viable and how we would ‘never move out’, if I didn’t find a full time job. Fast forward to March 2016, and I’m working in a job I enjoy, I’ve just had a pay rise that I requested, we’re coming up to the year anniversary in our two bedroom house with our kitty Bee. Some might say, how things change – but the real lesson here is, look how I now have everything I so desperately wanted, just under two years ago. A decent income, my own house, a mortgage, another cat – the authority to paint a wall whatever coloured I want!

The same goes for my weight. When I changed my eating habits back in late 2014, I shifted exactly two stone. I felt bloody awesome, and I remember saying what a dream shopping was. Everything looked good! But as the year went on, I got complacent. My diet slipped and I managed to gain a few pounds. Now, I’m sitting in the middle – I’m a stone heavier than my lowest, but also a stone lighter than my heaviest. I only ever look at it negatively – how I’m cross with myself for putting weight back on, and what I should be doing is saying, hey you’re still a stone down, and you’ve had a great year! I’ve travelled to the USA (the home of the burger), Denmark (Danish pastries, need I say more), Portugal (on a friends holiday…’nuff said). I changed jobs which resulted in me being much more inactive. They’re all reasons, not excuses, but things I can look at and say, actually, circumstantially, this is okay. If you went back to Kat of 2013, and said, in 2016 you’ll be stone lighter – I would’ve been over the moon. And I shouldn’t forget that.

Jumper (similar) – New Look | Jeans – Marks and Specner | Mug (similar) – Matalan

I’ve said often lately that I struggle with this concept – that I just want to feel content. I’m happy, and live a sociable, fun life – but I feel like I’m always chasing something. More money? Weightloss? A bigger house? A newer car? Of course, we go through life and build on what we have, it’s natural and I’m only young. But I do wish that in certain aspects, I could feel happier with what I do have, and change my perspective on how I view that. I’m not the richest I could be, my blog isn’t the biggest it could be, I’m definitely not the slimmest I have been – but all of that can change in a flicker. That’s okay!


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