what happened when I drank 14 litres of water

After having a week off work at the end of February, I felt like Christmas had come all over again.

drinking more water

Time off always results in me socialising too much – and inevitably, eating my way through the week. I didn’t feel hungry once during those nine days – and actually felt pretty terrible by the end of the week. Too much sugar and fat, and sporadic mealtimes, had me feeling sluggish, bloated, spotty and actually quite under the weather.

Once back at work, alongside regaining some self control over my eating habits, I decided to give myself a proper detox. As someone who drinks lot of water anyway, I didn’t think it’d be too much of a feat to give myself the minimum limit of two litres a day – the recommended amount. And I decided to blog what happened!

drinking more water

In general at work, I tend to feel super thirsty – I think my small office with my little heater dehydrates me no end, so I cheerfully glug down endless cups of water on a normal day. With my two litres sat in front of me on day one, I felt excited that I had all this to myself without countless trips to the water machine – sad much? I’m pleased to say, on the first day, the bottle was finished by the end of my working day, which is 3pm for me. This was going to be easy!

On the Tuesday, I actually woke up with a headache, which I think was mostly due to a bit of back-to-work stress and waking up with a furrowed brow – clearly a tense dream! The internet tells me that sometimes people suffer headaches if they drink too much water without upping their sodium levels at the same time, but I highly doubt this is the case, as two litres is by no means excessive.

As the week went on, I didn’t struggle at all to drink my two litres and most likely drank more each day. I was in the routine of glugging it down as and when I fancied, rather than holding out until I could get to the staff room. I’ll admit, I definitely spent more time in the toilet but that can be no bad thing – flushing it all through!

drinking more water

So did I notice any positive side effects? There were three things I picked up on – the first being a very slight boost in my productivity at work. I didn’t really get the 2pm post-lunch drowsiness – which could be attributed to first week back workload, or it could have been the water. (I mean, I did also try out a spin class…). Secondly, my skin remained clear, and by this I mean, I went a full seven days without any major spots. My skin rarely stays so good for long, so I’m definitely putting this down to the increased water levels. And finally – boozing. I went out for food and wine on Friday with the girls, and despite getting pretty piddled, and waking up feeling a touch ropey, I was actually amazingly okay for the majority of the day. As someone who usually really suffers on a hangover, I was up at 8am, dressed and entertaining a friend who came to stay by midday. I think the increased hydration on the Friday meant the booze was diluted and my hangover was way less painful than normal.

In all, I really enjoyed giving myself the opportunity to drink more water and have continued it since. As I say, I drink alot as it is but that little bit extra really helped me feel and look better and if it helps steer away a hangover, I’m sold!

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