top 8 places I’ve travelled (so far!)

Updated May 2017

As someone who suffers with serious wanderlust, I’m always thinking about travel.

top places to travel

If I’m not planning a trip, with something on the horizon, I can be pretty miserable – getting out and about and seeing the world, for me, is what it’s all about. I often talk about places I’ve been, and as I’m such an avid photographer, I’m always looking back at photos of past trips and reminiscing. Today, I wanted to talk about seven eight places I’ve travelled to, which are my favourite so far!

top places to travel top places to travel

Rome, Italy

We’ll start fairly close to home, in Italy. I visited Rome a couple of years ago with Sam, Lizzie and Rich. We stayed in an Air BnB and did a 3 night, 4 day trip. You can read all about it here, here and here as I was blogging at the time and I totally fell in love with the city. Ever since our trip, I’ve wanted to go back to soak it up some more. Your first trip somewhere is always busy – seeing all the sights, and not wanting to miss out. Now, I could happily sit outside a cafe drinking coffee and eating their amazing food for the entire trip. The gelato is to die for, and the vibe was really chilled. One of my favourite European cities by far!

New Paltz, New York state, USA

You may have seen that in the summer of 2015, we took a three week American road trip as my sister got married in New York. During that time, we spent a week in a small town up state called New Paltz. I wrote about it here, and just loved it. I love the US anyway, but there was something about this little town (and the nearby Woodstock also), which I just felt really at home in.

Bath & Popham, Maine, USA

On the same trip, we headed north to the state of Maine. Again, you can find a post about it here – but towards the end of the trip, Sam and I hired a car and took our own day trip. We visited a few places along the coast but I was really taken with the small town of Bath, and the beach of Popham. Bath wasn’t big, with only one coffee shop and a handful of stores, but it’s quaint Americanisms and quiet nature really captured me. Popham beach is nothing short of stunning and I remember the hour we sat and soaked up the sun there very fondly!

Copenhagen, Denmark

I feel like this one has to make the list – as some of you may know, my sister and her husband live there. I’ve written a few posts about visiting, here, here, here and here. Scandinavia is having a bit of ‘moment’ right now and is, understandably, a very trendy place to be seen. Copenhagen, although not what I was expecting, is an awesome city both in winter and summer. I love the Danish culture of efficiency and sensibility, and the incredibly cool vibe almost everywhere has – everything is chilled and easy, and Instagram ready! My food and drink guide and budget post are very popular!

Cornwall, UK

I had to include Cornwall in this list – my spiritual home! Having visited Cornwall endlessly as a child, and living nearby in Devon for three years at Uni, I can safely say I could live in Cornwall tomorrow. Polzeath, Padstow, St Ives, Truro, St Agnes…the list goes on. It feels like a home from home, I know my way around and I often feel pangs of withdrawal if it’s been too long since my last visit!

Perhentians Islands, Malaysia

A few years back, Lizzie and I spent four weeks in SE Asia. We visited Kuala Lumpur and the Perhentian Islands  in Malaysia before heading to Bali and the Gili Islands. The stand outs here for me were the Perhentians – small coral-lined islands off the North East of Malaysia – they are literal paradise. The centre of the islands consists of jungle, so the only inhabited parts are the beaches on the edges. Everything is reached by boat and most of the accomodation is basic. So remote and completely stunning!

Kefalonia, Greece

I couldn’t go without mentioning Greece. Another European country I feel at home in – I love the food, the friendliness of the people and the culture. I’ve visited a few Greek islands and Kefalonia is by far my favourite. No part of it is spoilt – it maintains it’s traditional charm, despite it’s difficult history (which is fascinating to learn about) and if you’re after true blue water and white beaches in Europe, Myrtos Bay is for you. You can read about our last trip there here and here.

Laguna Beach, California

This destination has been added to this post in May 2017, as it couldn’t be missed off! We travelled to California in December 2016 as we have family out there and it was everything I hoped. Our base was Laguna Beach but we also travelled to Palm Springs which you can read about here, and is nothing short of awesome. Laguna is classic California – the pacific coast is unbelievable, and the small town Cali vibes aren’t to be missed. Take me back! Read my Laguna posts here and here.

Where would you include in your list? I love to hear new recommendations!

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