3 inexpensive mother’s day ideas

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ve been thinking about what to do for my Mum.

cheap mothers day ideas

I’m sure she’ll read this, and won’t mind me saying that I’m not in a position to splash the cash. For many, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to shower their Mum’s with lovely gifts, meals or even trips, and for others, it’s another day to panic about spending even more money. Unfortunately this year, I fall into the latter category so I’ve been brewing some ideas for inexpensive treats so I can approach the day with something special for her, that won’t cost the earth.

make your own bouquetlearning to brush stroke cheap mothers day ideas
Make your own bouquet

I’ve done this for friends in the past and it’s worked really well. Rather than turning up with a bunch of Tesco tulips on Mother’s Day, create your own. We all know florists can charge in excess of £30 for their specialist bouquets, but the more rustic, shabby trend for spring flowers definitely works in our favour here! If you go to a bigger supermarket, you’ll find a real range of flowers at good prices. I buy two or three smaller bunches and take them home to create my own spring flower arrangement. In the past I’ve used gypsophila in with gorgeous purple and pink flowers, and this year you can see I’ve gone for similar but with orange tulips. Wrapped in some brown paper and tied with a bow, it costs under £10 and is really thoughtful!

Fill a jar

My mum has a sweet tooth just like me, so filling her a jar or a mug with her favourites is an obvious choice! Matalan do some gorgeous mugs, or Ikea is great for a kilner if you’d rather go down that road, which you can stuff to the top with all sorts. Again, I bundle this up in some paper and tie with a chic ribbon for a personalised, but inexpensive gift!

Learn to brush letter

This final one takes a bit more time than money, and it’s learning something that you can create for her. I’ve been teaching myself how to brush letter – and this way I can make her a homemade card, or even a print she can hang with a unqiue, personalised quote. As you can see, it’s still a work in progress but I’m getting there and finding my own style slowly. The pen cost me around £6 and everything else I already had. I’ve been learning how to do it from YouTube in my spare time and I think it’s a really valuable skill to have!

What are you doing for your Mum this Mother’s Day?

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